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DragonMeyr Characters

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Barbaxle Forrester
Cole Lennox
Jahl Silverlock
Kay Wanderwit
Rachel Goldbringer
Sheial 'The Peg' Scharr
Vincas Quibal

Honorable mention goes to David, Chris, Maxine, Jeff, Benjamin, and my children Stephanie and David for making the key NPC's so believable and alive! You guys are incredible!

David as the indomitable Capt. Haydin, formally Polonius, right hand of Arwin's Chosen
Chris plays the hard nosed ships cook, who seems to stick his nose into everything.
Jeff is our stern levelheaded first mate, who doesnt take any crap from anyone.
Maxine plays the part of the pampered ship owners daughter Desdemona, as well as that of Sarleah her ladies maid and protector (formally played by deborah who was forced to depart from us for awhile.) Maxine picked up the slack admirably.
Ben, an indomitable NPC, plays a part known to few. I cannot yet reveal his role, but suffice it to say, he is an intregal part of this story.
My daughter Stephanie who is 12 plays Alexandria the child like fae familiar of the young wizard Cole.
And my youngest child David, 9 yrs old plays Gildafar the baby dragon quite convincingly.
You are all awesome, and a major coup to me!! Thank you :-)

Gone, but not forgotten

Note that most of the following left of their own accord for various personal reasons, and few were killed arbitrarily. When a game runs as long as this one has, sometimes people feel the need to move on. That is the case of most of the following. ALL were great contributors in their time.
Returned to DragonmeyrAlista DarkmoonReturned to Dragonmeyr
DeadAerial DraconDead
DeadArilyn StarglowDead
DeadAthos Konkaron KrynDead
MissingCaledan CaldorienMissing
Aiding the gypsiesCaoimhinAiding the gypsies
Returned to DragonmeyrCrystal WindReturned to Dragonmeyr
Left to be on his ownEdoLeft to be on his own
Returned to DragonmeyrGaerikReturned to Dragonmeyr
DeadSir Gareth ArrDead
DeadJarryd GiantslayerDead
DeadJason (Bones) Dead
DeadJayar TavolDead
DeadKendra D'ShaneDead
Returned to DragonmeyrMalissin AriessusReturned to Dragonmeyr
Left to be on his ownMarner StormtossedLeft to be on his own
Squished as a bugRathaniel LayrannasSquished as a bug
Gone FishingSir Reginald AustinGone Fishing
Returned to DragonmeyrSammaelReturned to Dragonmeyr
DeadThorin OakenshieldDead
Off on his ownWhisperOff on his own
Ascended to the GodsWulfgarAscended to the Gods

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The players have been learning about each other's strength's and weaknesses for over a year now. If you'd like to talk to the players, click on the character name and email the player directly.

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