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Jason (Bones)


A human standing about 6 foot tall. He has a light complection that you could probably call a moon tan. The only parts of his body exposed are his head and hands, the rest is concealed within a midnight blue cloak On his face, he wears a thick black beard which conceals most of his features. His head is topped with jet black hair down to his sholders. He carries a back pack that seems to be quite heavy for his small build. When his cloak is folded back, you notice that you only see one weapon, a dagger in a sheath attached to his belt. He has a tunic, a pair of baggy pants, and pair of sandles on his feet.
The main thing you notice about Jason is that he usually keeps his hands folded together inside his robe. When he is in a group, he dosen't say too much, but seems to be listening to everything going on around him. You can occasionaly catch him talking to himself.

Jason refers to himself as...

"I am a magic-user. My speciality, however, is delving into peoples minds. I can comunicate with someone without opening my mouth, or I can take a persons worst fear and use it against them. You all would be surprised at what mysteries the mind keeps locked away."