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Jayar Tavol

Jayar Tavol is an elf, a wood elf if you know anything of elves. His hair is unkempt and long and ratted on the top but appears to have at least seen water in the past couple of days. Most striking are five streaks of blue colored paint running diagonally from his right temple to just behind his chin on the left side. He had said earlier that he needs to purchase some spell components, but he also carries a long sword and a bow. You also notice that he has very bad manners, as you have seen him picking his nose and have heard him belching, not to mention other bodily functions are sometimes heard. When you turn to look, he either doesn't care that you saw or heard, or is ignoring the stares. Jayar was recently spotted at the DragonMeyr town hall crudely hacking off his hair with a plain handmade dagger.

Jayar describes himself with "I have spellcasting abilities and, though some would call me a thief, I would much prefer being called a scout." I am a mage, bowman, and an elf.