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Vincas Quibal


Vincas stands a hair shy of 6 feet tall. His brown hair is styled in an outrageous manner. It is pulled back into a long braid which is then coiled like a corkscrew that comes down just below his shoulders (it is held in this fashion by a couple thin wires that are braided into it). On top of his head rests a small yellow hat with a red feather in it. He wears a long blue cloak over a red waistcoat and red breeches. The coat is open and beneath it is a yellow shirt. A wide, yellow dyed leather belt adorns his waist. A large, black leather pouch hangs from each side of the belt. He also wears knee-high leather boots which are dark brown in color. A very new looking shortsword also hangs from his belt.


Having the dubious distinction of growing up in the same village as Vincas you know that he fits the mold of "spoiled rich kid" fairly well. Although his family is far from rich, Vincas' father always made a good living in textiles and Vincas took pride in the fact that his family had more money and fine items than most villagers. Vincas hangs with the older lot at the village pubs, carousing with the ladies and entertaining the masses with his questionable musical skills.