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Alista Darkmoon

Alista stand's just under 5' tall, dark skin, thin, a little bigger than the average female elf. Her hide armour that has been hand dyed mimicks the natural camoflague of several animals. Her scabbards, boots, and quiver match. Her hair is dyed the color of mud, but dark black roots sprout around her forehead. One thinks they would be visible atop also but her hair pulled back in a pony tail seems to somehow mask them. Her eyes are a deep violet, very close to the shade of some royal robes. The light seems to glint off of them as if they were coated with glass, giving them an almost jewelish lustre. The long sword on her right is not to be taken for granted, as all have seen before. Neither should one expect her to use it alone. The short sword on her left side sees just as much action. One mustn't forget that the bow strapped to her back is not for hunting only. Although she is always calm and relaxed, she has maintains a commanding aire about her. Perhaps it's her eyes, or her stern natural features.