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Malissin Ariessus

Malissin Ariessus
Male High Elf

Malissin's appearance is that of an average high elf. He is slightly less than five and a half feet tall, with sandy brown shoulder length hair and emerald green eyes. The only noticible departure from average is that he appears stonger and slightly heavier than the average elf.
He wears leather armor over top of clothing of various shades of green and brown, and frequently wears a brown cloak. He has a longsword and longbow slung across his back, a quiver of arrows at his side, and on his other side occasionally hangs a compact net. A small dagger is tucked into the top of one of his boots.
Most of the time he is friendly and outgoing, not letting many things bother him. However, if you look closely, whenever he is among groups of people, he tends to be more on guard than usual. Whether that is the beginnings of paranoia, or something else, you cannot say.
He also never seems to speak much about where he comes from. Most of his stories or answers about himself center on things that apparently happened after he left home.

"Growing up among my kin, I spent much of my time outdoors in the forests-- tracking, hunting, trapping and learning about its wide variety of creatures," says Malissin. "Then later turning to more intelligent creatures for fun and profit."

Noticing the strange looks at his last remark, he adds, "That's a little bounty hunter joke..."

"And I am a fair warrior and scout, as well."