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Rachel Goldbringer

Paladin of Callus

Before you stands a tall, big woman. The second thing you notice is the large shield behind which her left arm totally disappears. On the shield you can see a white area with painted in it two crossed swords. She is totally clad in chain mail. Over the mail she wears a white tabart, if she would turn her back to you or remove the shield you would see that she wears the sign with the two swords embroided on both the sides of the piece of cloth too. On her head she wears a plain signless helmet, that prevents you from seeing what her hair looks like. Her left arm totally disappears behing a large wooden with iron bands shield. In her right hand she carries a flail. Her feet disappear into leather boots that go all the way up to just below the knee. The only skin you can see is her right hand and her face. Both are a brown tone of someone who sees the sun very often. Her eyes are darkbrown.. you think.. but you can't see very well due to the shadow that the helmet makes on her face. Her face is not unpleasant to look at but nobody in his right mind would call her beautiful. She looks like someone who has worked hard and outdoors all her life. Her face and hands are rough and she has many wrinkles, but most of them are smiling wrinkles.. although you haven't been able to see the least bit of a smile on her face. She does not appear to either disapprove nor approve of your company. She has not spoken much to you either. All you gotten outta her so far is: "My name is Rachel".