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A fantasy medieval world, created for live, and Play By Email gameplay, based VERY loosely on ADND rules.

Several years ago, I started playing in an AD&D game. The DM ran it based on a world he had himself created. It was so much more detailed & intense than any I had played in before. It wasn't just that he was a great DM (Thanx Tom) but that he put so much into his creation that it was easy to get alot out of it. I decided then that someday I would create my own world for play. Well being the obsessed person that I am someday came that same year. I just sat down one day & started inventing. Land, moons, people, history, cities, rivers, mtns, etc. The whole nine yards. I invented new monsters, re-vamped some old ones. New magic items, old ones. Stuff like that. The main shortcoming was my inability to create good deity for my little planet. So for many years I just used what I needed from AD&D Forgotten Realms (tm) setting. Then I got an internet account. I discovered a whole new world of resources! So I took some deity created by someone else & just changed it around, and adapted it to my world. Then, upon becoming a bit more comfortable with deity creation, I started making my own. What you see before you, maps, cities, peoples, histories and especially Gods and Goddesses is mostly all me!


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Character Creation Rules and Guidelines
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The Guide to RPG Herb Use
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Private adventures and Conversations done offlist.
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Book of Cantrips
Non Weapon Proficiencies
Time Lines for Various Actions

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