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Sheial ' The Peg' Scharr

She has dirty blonde hair which is roughly cut so that it hangs just below her ears; her eybrows and eyelashes match her hair color. Sheial has brown eyes, close to hazelnut color. Her skin has been toughened and hardened by her years at sea and it has a deep tanned tone, with darker freckling along her face. When she smiles or scowls, her face emphathizes that feeling by deeply inset laugh lines, including the start of crow's feet at the outer edges of her eyelids. Her hands are rough and thickly calloused. Her physical build is lean, her muscles ripped and clearly delineated (but not huge) ... she doesn't look to have an extra ounce of fat on her.

She has three large gold loops which hang from the left ear only. Her attire is generally of sedate blues or greys, the only flash of color is the dark amber/orange scarf she ties around her head to keep her hair in place and out of her eyes. Her dark brown boot goes up to her knee and she uses the other boot for a kind of rough sack/pouch.

She has a club/walking cane that is approximately 5 inches wide at the top, with grooves for her fingers to curl into. She uses it as an aide to walking as well as a handy club.

Her voice when she speaks, is very low, to the point of whispering. She is generally very quiet in a crowd and tries not to gain anyone's attention. She will definately stay away from any conversations about gods and if anyone starts speaking to her about gods defining peoples' fates she'll get alternatively defensive or just blow her top. She won't do violence against anyone, but she has a voice used to having to be heard over whistling wind, crashing water and other yelling men ... man, can she yell.

She still has nautical inflections in her vocabulary and she doesn't want to get rid of them, because they are the only thing left she has of the sea. If anyone tries to 'fix' her way of speech, she'll start talking even worse and we all know the kind of language seaman can pick up in their travels.