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Romaal is a male half elf. Appearing to be in his mid twenties.

Approximately 6 and a 1/2 feet tall, Broad Shoulders, golden hair that falls 2 hands width past the shoulders, Eyes the green of a spring time forest, but that change color with emotions.. lithely muscled, of which is never to be mixed with a lack of strength. lightly bronzed skin with 5 slender scars running across his chest. Has a bearly visible single teardrop tatooed under his right eye.

Romaal carries a Longsword, & has a long bow & quiver slung across his back. He wears leather armor in various shades of black, green, & brown. He also wears a beautiful black colored cloak the Insignia on the back, depicts mountain ranges in front of a setting sun. in front of the sun is a lone eagle, below the eagle on some low rolling hills is a watchful Wolf, gazing at the sky