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Athos appears to be a half-elf..but his eyes are strangely elliptical for one. Athos is of medium height for the average half-elf. He has a lean medium build, a trait from romping in the forest and his personal training excercises. From what you can see of his complexion, it appears to be a ruddy tan, this man has seen a lot of sun in his day. Deep brown eyes are mated by his thin black eyebrows. His upper body, arms, and the tops of his hands are covered in a kind of makeshift studded leather suit. He sports with his armor a short studded leather skirt over a pair of black woolen slacks. He wears a pair of knee-high lace up leather boots with knee pads accentuating the top. Athos's most notable features is his flaming red hair...hmmm it seems to be dyed with berries and fruit juices....which is done up in a top knot, samurai style. A large scar plays across the left side of his face, stretching from the left cheek down to his left jaw. Two silver earrings dangle from his pointy ears. He carries a large two-handed sword across his back in an ornate leather sheath. His only other belonging is a small backpack that is slung across his shoulder.

Athos appears to be a bit paranoid at times, sometimes fumbling for items upon his person that he has hidden. He usually remains quiet if nothing is meant for him to say. He will usually find a place to sit and silently relax with his eyes closed and his legs crossed if conversation or action are unfound.

About himself Athos replies, "Well, let us see...." Athos scratches his chin..."I have a vast knowledge of survival in the densest wilderness areas with nothing but my wits..i can forage for most herbs and food to keep myself alive and possibly others." "Oh yes...i can also fight...i have trained extensively with the two-handed sword...