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Jarryd stands about 6' tall and weighs close to 270#. His shoulder length black hair is straight and usually unbound. His eyes are dark black and seem to challenge whatever they lock onto for dominence. He usually wears greens and browns, fashioned from soft leather or homespun wool or cotton. His armor consists of a studded leather jacket, shoulderpads, and bracers. A simple steel cap guards his thick skull. Knee high boots of thick leather protect his lower legs and feet. His weapons are sharp, powerful, and look well-used. A 10' long, thick-shafted spear with a broad leaf-shaped head is never far from his grasp. A stout fighting dirk rides on his right hip and a good steel bastard sword is sheathed on his left. Lastly, a short but powerful hornbow and a full quiver of black fletched arrows is slung over his back.

"My skills be in fighting and scouting, primarily of the giant-kin. Though I loath to brag, I consider myself to be an outstanding warrior, singlehandedly I have killed at least 3 giants, one being the dread Zlocx."