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Upon first looking at Sammael, one is not sure what he is seeing. At first glance, Sammael seems to be a normal, somewhat large human. That is uuntil one notices his pointed ears. It is easy to see that at least one of his parents was very tall and muscular, considering Sammael is a half-elf and stands just over 6 foot 1 inch and is about 190 pounds.
When looking at his face, one tend to wonder just what he is. With features reminiscent of an oriental or possibly a plains indian, Sammael could originate from anywhere. Although, one can never tell with elven features thrown in the mix.
Sammael tends to dress in clothing that reminds him of home and the forest, wearing pants of black or very dark brown and usually shirts that are dark or light green depending on the local flora. However, he can be hard to see while he is in the forest, even when he is wearing his studded leather armour, that he dyes to match going as far as to paint the studs.