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DragonMeyr Characters

Learn about the adventurers lives! Click on any adventurer you'd like to view.

DeadAthos Konkaron KrynDead
Barbaxle Forrester
MissingCaledan CaldorienMissing
Cole Lennox
Sir Gareth Arr
DeadJarryd GiantslayerDead
DeadJason (Bones) Dead
DeadJayar TavolDead
DeadKendra D'ShaneDead
Malissin Ariessus

Updated 7-4-97 at 12:45p.m.

In depth Backgrounds to be added later. First they must learn about each other.
Since this game is new, the players know little to nothing about each other. So once they dicover what there is to know about each other, details will be added to the descriptions! Each time the characters interact giving info about themselves, these pages will be updated..

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