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The Moves

Adventurers Wanted: No experience necessary. Apply Within.

That's the new sign posted outside the town hall here in the capitol city of DragonMeyr.

For 3 decades now the towns & countryside of DragonMeyr were all but overrun with vicious flesh eating monsters. Every day it seemed, reports were made of helpless women & children just vanishing. Never to be seen again. Year after year, armies would battle, only to be left slaughtered upon the battlefield. The entire countryside lived in terror. Trade routes & travel between the many towns of DragonMeyr has been cut off. Then one day, several months ago it all seemed to stop. The disappearances, stopped. The mournful howling heard outside the city walls, stopped. It was almost as though the monsters themselves had just, disappeared. Now King Arion has rallied his troops from far & wide. Unfortunately his troops are few & far between. So the city is seeking brave adventurers who are willing to travel about the countryside. Mapping out the changes, & determining just exactly how safe it really is out there. Your secondary mission would be to report to each individual city & let them know your findings. Are the monsters really gone? Only time...And you can tell for sure. The risks are many but the rewards are great!
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