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Meyr Character Creation
Running since March 1997, Dragonmeyr is once again opening it's doors to players wanting to play in a mystery intense adventure with minimal hack n slash. Posts will be made once of twice a week. Be prepared to receive anywhere from 1-2 to as many as 30 posts in a day. (Although that many is rare, it does occur on occasion) Prospective players will be mature, able to handle the email volume, capable of posting more than just a few sentences in their turn. At this point, we are looking for people to play NPC's in a game where elves are people of legend, (full elves will hide thier heritage as they are rare beings), and where all non healing magic goes haywire for all non evil travelers. New players are almost always selected from the current list of Npc players and lurkers. If this sounds like something that might interest you, take a look at the website. Rules lawyers are not welcome all others are.

To apply, send a character background sketch. No stats, no equipment etc. Also, send a long well written sample of what I can expect in a post from you, based on the following scenario.

You have spent the last 3 weeks searching for the illusive healing sapphire that is said to hold the powers of the God Azimuth himself. Tired and hungry you have gotten little sleep, battled orcs, wild dogs, and 3 evil priests intent on keeping you from the gem. You come upon a lake which matches the description given you by the mysterious old hermit back on the mountain top. The pure waters of the lake are strangely calm. The mist lies heavy on the sparsely scattered iris petals. Suddenly, there is a massive swell in the lake, followed by a tidal wave of water that pours down upon you. After gathering your wits, you see a 15' figure standing on the water. It's features are smooth and fluid, yet powerful. A garland of iris petals circles it's head. There is a look of absolute indignation on it's face. "What business do you foolish mortals have on my lake? You know better than to bother me! Leave!" On a it's left hand glints a sparkle of bluish light. Looking closer, you realize it is a sapphire ring, catching the brilliance of the noonday sun. The cut of the ring matches the stone you have been searching for.

Remember, playing an NPC means you might end up playing evil as well as good aligned characters.

Note: The above scenario is an example only, to enable me to determine your writing skills and how well you would contribute originality and creativity to the game. Although there have been cases where I invited the example character to play him/her in a cameo role, this is generally NOT the case. For lurker played NPC's, I will hand you a character concept and allow you to tailor it to fit you. I'm reasonable and flexible as far as how you do this. I'll basically fill you in on a personality, and a bit of background, and you will flesh it out enough to run it. If accepted to play, you will be expected to lurk for at least 2 weeks in the game to get a feel for the world and the other players. Future permanent PC's will almost ALWAYS be selected from previous NPC players.
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