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The Current Maps

Overall view of the planet, Meyr Continent identified.
The currently mapped portions of the NW continent.
Dragonmeyr City Aerial view
The Shrine to Azimuth discovered ne of Lake Dragonmeyr
Port of Capri
Inn located in Port of Capri
Durant and surrounding towns, as described by Keldar and Vincas to Cole
Lizardman village of Fen, (Swamp near Capri)
Lord Reynolds keep (between Capri and Heron)
The town of Landry
The underground temple of Draynor (discovered in a Landry Inn)
Town of Heron
The Inn of Heron
The uncharted original map of the NW continent. (Black and White) (Isle named by Kay)
The Actual map of the Northern continent, Coast to Coast.

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