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DragonMeyr Races, Languages and Adventuring Professions
Here you will find the Races, Languages and Classes/professions available on the World of DragonMeyr. If it isn't on this page, it may not exist so discuss it with me first before wasting your time with creation.


The Elves
The Dwarves
The Gnomes
Kender, Halflings, 1/2 elves, Humans (subclasses)


Warrior: Fighter, Ranger, Cavalier, Paladin
Priest: Cleric, Druid
Wizard: Mage, Wild Mage, Specialist Wizard
Rogue: Thief, Bard, Assassin


Land PC race Languages
Sea PC race Languages
Land Monster Languages
Sea Monster Languages

Player Quirks/Goals/Vices
Non Weapon Proficiencies
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