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Spell Point System

SpellBook.gif Spell Points: Each wizard starts with (INT+CON)/6 SP. Priests start with 3 but have bonus SP for high WIS. According to this table.

WIS__________Bonus SP
13 ----------------------1
14 ----------------------2
15 ----------------------4
16 ----------------------6
17 ----------------------9
18 ----------------------13

Each exp. point level you add to your total SP (Level + 4 /3 rounded up).

Casting Spells:
Each spell costs 3x it's level to cast. 1st cost 3, 2cd cost 6, etc. with few exceptions.
Specialist wizards gain an advantage of 2x cost for specialty spells but a 4x for non-specialty spells. Ex: A fire elementalist can cast a Burning Hands for 2 SP but needs 4 SP to cast a Detect Magic. Priests can only cast spells from allowed spheres if a specialtist, otherwise, any spell is fair game.

Spell storage:
Priests and wizards can store a number of spells per spell level in memory each time they rest & concentrate on memorization.
Wizards never lose thier memorized spells unless they want to exchange a spell, or suffer memory loss. Priests must rememorize them each day as part of thier devotionals.
Wizards can only have a certain number of spells in thier spellbook at any given exp. level. But Priests have access to all spells available at their current exp. point level.

SP Recovery:
Spell points are regained in two ways. Wizards regain them by sleep while priests regain them each day because the power is a gift from thier god. The following is the chart detailing SP recovery.

Hours slept:____Fraction regained
5-5.9 --------------------------1/4
6-6.9 --------------------------1/2
7-7.9 --------------------------3/4

Additionally, you could regain 1 SP/hour of rest and relaxation but sleep is the only good way to regain points.

Spell Selection:
Wizards can store any spell they have in thier spellbook into memory.
Priests have to be allowed access to a spell level by thier diety.

Emergency SP:
Casters can tap into a personal pool of SP equal to their CON score. Each attempted spell needs a skill roll of (INT or WIS - Level of the Spell). If the roll fails, no further casting is possible PLUS, the caster is incapactiated. Severity is up to the DM with the current CON score taken into consideration. For each SP used in this manner, there is a 5% chance of a permenent loss of 1 CON. If the chance is greater than 100%, then you could lose 2 CON. The caster must also rest or sleep to regain his CON, 1 hour of rest for each point, 1 hour of sleep for 2 points restored.

Other Spell Casting Classes:
Paladins and Rangers operate under the priests rules except they have no bonus for high WIS. Once they reach spellcasting level, they gain SP.
Bards operate like wizards. They gain SP at 2nd level. Then they gain SP at (level/2). So a 3rd level Bard would only gain 1 SP, 4th gains 2, etc.

This SP system modified from original obtained from

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