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Player Quirks Options

Note: Many of these taken from the netbook of quirks

fiddles with glasses when talking.
strokes head when thinking.
smiles nervously when pausing in a conversation.
repeatedly states "see, you really get it." when conversing with someone.
hugs all his friends.
rolls eyes when bored or annoyed.
says "see I always knew this would happen" whenever something weird happens.
Stretches every time after standing, lifting something, during casual conversation, etc.
Absently bounces leg while sitting.
Contantly cracks knuckles, back, and/or joints.
Distracted easily during conversation.
Combs hand through hair often, especially when nervous.
Always has a book under arm or in pocket.
Picks scabs.
Puts hand on your hand/arm/shoulder/leg when talking.
Has allergies. Alot of sneezing on dry days in spring-fall. To give more depth, give strong allergic reactions to the common nasty ones like nuts, bee stings, strawberries, MSG, cow's milk, etc.
Gaseous (and no, that doesn't mean transparent or foggy).
In conversation, if a word has slipped his mind, he'll stop and think _and not give up_ until he finally recalls the right word
Often seems to go out of his way to answer the exact question that was asked of him instead what the questioner obviously meant
Walks with an unusually quick pace. Once, after breaking his toe, discovered that he could _hobble_ faster than most people walked.
Enjoys thunderstorms, and finds them quite relaxing.
hay fever
allergic to cats/dogs (others)
allergic to birds/feathers (including feather beds and pillows)
Won't carry coins smaller than GP; will toss them away in streets if he can't spend them
Wears only gold (or silver or turquoise...) jewelry
tells "stories" with no point or conclusion
argues points with people who agree with him
doesn't drink alcohol
sings to himself, but can't actually sing, and doesn't know the words
sleeps like a log/must physically shake,poke/prod to wake up for his turn at watch.
insists on discussing things he doesn't know about
relates every new experience back to childhood ones, whether or not it's appropriate
concerned about going bald
stutters when excited
takes everything personally
extreme sarcasm
always smooths the wrinkles out of what he/she's wearing
constantly tapping fingers or feet
always gets a sunburn
_everything's_ a joke
takes him/herself very seriously
big ego
has trouble saying "no"
nervous laugh before talking
always laughs at his own jokes
wants everyone to be his friend; tries too hard
sees the world in a negative light
drones when she talks
hates quiet pauses in conversations
Always wears funny hats - jester hats, cat-in-the-hat hats, pith helmets etc.
Always wears black
Attempts to turn every discussion into a religious argument
Tries to make everyone fall in love with her
Always drumming on things
Can never remember names
Lets women/men walk all over him/her.

Player Vice Options

compulsive behaviour (gambling, drinking, wenching, etc)
bad temper
painfully honest

Player Goals Options

What are you character's goals? This list would take me years to complete were I to attempt to list them all.

Maybe he/she wants to avenge the death of a friend/loved one
Or perhaps discover the means to heal the illness of a friend or loved one
Does he/she perhaps have an inquenchable thirst for knowledge?
Or possibly eradicate all evil from the land
Something simpler perhaps, say amass enough wealth to retire comfortably/raise a family/build a stronghold etc.
Making new friends?
Discovering new lands/peoples/religions?
Try something new/never before experienced at least once a week?

If you have other ideas, run 'em by me. :-) I'm flexible!
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