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The Town Hall

The town hall is a majestic looking old stone building, with thick heavy wooden doors & no windows. You enter the building into what appears to be a front office of some sort. There are several hard straight backed chairs scattered about the room. In the center is a large mahogany desk scarred with age. Seated at the desk is a young female 1/2 elf. She has short silvery blonde hair & dark brown eyes. Dressed in a simple flowing peasant gown in a pleasant soft pastel color. She looks up & asks "May I help you? If you're here about the adventuring jobs, King Arion is seeing people this Moonday to discuss the details & assign the groups. Names please?"

"Malinia is my name" *wearing black pantalons, a scarlet shirt, and brown sandals a woman with auburn hair to the shoulders confidently stepped up to the desk* "and yes, it's about the job"

A short, thin human steps forward. He is dressed plainly, except for an orange kerchief tied around his head in the fashion of the old Coisichean nomads. In a high, clear voice he says, "I am Caoimhin of the clan Dubhlachan. When in the day will the king have his audience?"

You see a strange looking elf approach the desk. He is wearing a dark grey cloak and has five streaks of what appears to be blue paint running diagonally across his face. "Yes, I am here about the adventuring job and my name is Jayar Tavol. Is that what all these other people are here for? When on Moonday will the King be interviewing us?"

"After breakfast" the clerk replies, "at 7:30

A tall, toothpick of a man with a thick beard, dressed in a dark blue cloak steps forward. "My name is Jason, and I and here for the job as well"

"My name is Wulfgar, I also come for the job." Says a 1/2 Elf dressed in black leather breeches and vest as he steps forward to the table. "It is good to meet you Jason, maybe we will work together?"

"Indeed we may Wulfgar," Jason says as he claspt his hands together and lowers them. "How, may I ask, did you learn of this delightful adventure?"

"I heard of it in a tavern, in which I had stopped for refreshments the other night" Wulfgar replies as he eyes the ever growing crowd carefully. His gaze comes to rest on Jayar. "Who is he?" He asks. "The way the girl taking names looked at him he could be trouble. Or trouble may follow him!" He adds. Then turns his attention back to the rest of the group.

The heavy doors creek open and in strides a small, petite woman with long platnium blonde hair which is braided with leather straps and falls down to her waist. As she enters the room people turn to gaze, almost stare at her, she looks around the room greeting everyone with her brilliant blue eyes that seem to sparkle like stars in the night. She steps up to the desk and out of her mouth comes a sweet, melodical voice "Good day, ma'am. I am Kendra D'Shane here upon the King's request, reporting my services for whatever duties he might see fit. Would you mind telling me where and at what time he will be meeting with us?" After the woman takes her name and answers her question she will thank her and then walk amongst the group introducing herself and making small talk.

After everyone has almost recovered from the last entrant, in walks another-- a rather average looking elven male, with deep emerald green eyes and sandy brown, shoulder length hair. His clothes are all shades of green and brown, covered by a brown cloak. As he walks towards the receptionist, his cloak opens slightly to reveal the leather armor he is wearing.

Approaching the desk, the receptionist looks up and frowns. "Good morning Miss, I'm..."
"Malissin Ariessus, yes I know," she says with obvious displeasure.
"You have me at a disadvantage then, I do not even know your name," says Malissin trying to lighten the moment. She merely continues to stare at him.
"I have come about the adventuring job. Please sign me in. I await the King's pleasure to discuss this in more detail."
The young half-elf writes Malissin's name down then procedes to act like he is not still standing in front of her.
Malissin bows slightly and heads towards one of the chairs in the main part of the room-- the one nearest the corner. As he takes his leave of the receptionist you can hear her mumble, "friggin' bounty hunter".
Malissin takes his seat and nods towards the others assembled in the room. "Gentlemen, ladies. Have any of you heard more about what this job is about? I do so hate not knowing all the facts beforehand."

The doors open slowly and in walks a half elf of average heigth. his shoulder length brown hair is drawn back in a ponytail. His black breeches tucked neatly into his black boots. His deep blue tunic has the uncanny ability of bringing out the color of his intense deep blue eyes. A short sword of unusual craftmanship hung at his side with a familiar white silk ribbon peaceknotted at the hilt. A silver pendant with the warhammer symbol of Balin hangs around his neck by an unknown black colored vine. Not a hair out of place, clothes impeccably clean and well groomed. He strides proudly to the clerks desk and announces "MynameisColeI'mheretoseetheking."

Kendra tries not to stare at the wonderful specimen that just entered the room but can hardly move her eyes away. She looks his body over once and then a second time real slow. She makes a mental note to go speak with him later once she is composed enough.

As Malinia's eyes "drift back" not due to attraction but from disgust, she makes it clear with her facial expressions that she could never befriend someone so obsessed with appearance (that hair must have taken hours to prepare). Though the boy looks nervous, in her mind he is also conceded. With that, she walks out the door.

Upon seeing Malinia storm out of the door obviously disgusted at something. Wulfgar turns to Jason "Well I see that they will get along nicely! Do you come from these parts Jason? If you do not I suggest we seek accommodation and we should maybe do it at the Dragon Tail Inn unless you want to part with a lot of money for a room."

After giving his name and getting his appt. Cole exits the town hall.

A tall hulking man strides confidently into the hall, his long black hair unbound. He is dressed in green and brown leathers with a studded leather jack covering his broad torso. Dark eyes sweep over the crowd as he approaches the receptionist.
"Name's Jarryd, heard there might be a giant or two in need of killin' round here and good money for the deed. Moonday eh? Well, guess I need to find a place to stay then, where would be a good place?"
"Let me see," says the clerk "there's the Capitol Inn in the SE portion of the city, rather inflated prices if you ask me but if you like that sort of thing..., then there is the Dragon Tail Inn on the road by the NW city entrance. Nothing fancy mind you but the price is right"

A dark young half-elf enters the hall. He unstraps his backpack off his back as the young half-elf addresses him. He looks at her for a second and sees if anybody else is in the room, you suddenly notice a long scar running from his left cheek down to the bottom of his jaw and his long blood red hair that is done up in a top knot. He then unstraps his two-handed sword off his back and leans it against the nearest table. He then speaks, "My name is Athos Konkoran Kryn, i come from a small village far from here. And yes, i am very interested in employment as an adventurer."
He then grabs the nearest chair and sits down in it. He stretches his back out and lightly massages his shoulders, "What a long journey it has been!! So, who are the rest of you?"

Athos eyes light up at the beauty of the young lady. "Where might you be from, my lady?" he asks while slowing standing up from his seat.

"Nice to meet you, Athos. My name is Kendra and I'm from the out skirts of Landry. I've been in town for a couple of weeks. Would you like me to show you around later on today?" she says as she reaches her hand out to return the greeting. "Where are you from?"

"It would be a pleasure," replies Athos as he grasps Kendra's hand in a hearty handshake, "I am from a village near the Enchanted Tears forest called Lodar." Athos sits down and loosens the leather straps that run down from his arm to the tops of his hands..."It has been a long journey to get here." perhaps we can go to one of the bars near here and grab some refreshments and get aquainted. Perhaps then later we can visit the city?"

"Great. How 'bout I take you to the Dragon Trail Inn so you can get settled in. We can meet for supper and then I'd like to take you to the Utopia Gardens. It's beautiful there this time of year." Kendra replies "Do you happen to know anyone else here?"

Athos turns from Kendra and addresses Malissin, i do not know...all the facts that are known to i are that this is an adventuring job, and i intend to fill what was the deal with the receptionist??"

Malissin shrugs. "It could be any number of reasons," he says. "In my line of work, one tends not to make many friends. They cannot separate the job from the person. Or perhaps she knows of my reputation... such things never accurately reflect the person they are about. Or maybe I captured someone she knows? Who can say?"

"If anyone does not want to, or cannot, spend the night in one of local Inns, I have a modest apartment in town. I would be willing to share my meager accomodations," says Malissin to the group in general.

"And the local nightlife can occasionally be rather interesting. There are several very good, and some not so good, restaurants and bars to choose from. Depending on what you are interested in, or looking for."

Jayar approaches the man who introduced himself as Jason and says, "Do you know this city very well? I myself do not. I am in need of a few things, and you have the look of magic about you and I thought maybe you would know where I could find these things." Then, addressing the rest of the people in the room, "If Jason won't be my guide, perhaps one of you others would."

Jason turns his gaze to Jayar and says, "I am new to this town myself. If I could help, I would." He turns his head back to Wulfgar, "The Dragon Tail Inn did sound a little more resonable." His closes his eyes for a moment, then reopens them and turns towards Malissin. "Good sir Malissin, if I'm not mistaken. Where can I find a relaxing nights rest for a reasonable price? Oh, and by the way, I believe I heard someone say something about a Utopia gardens? Would you happen to know what that might be? It sounded like a good place to ease one's mind."

"The Dragon Tail is indeed reasonably priced. It lacks some of the comforts and luxuries of the Capitol Inn, but for a nice meal and a bed to sleep in, it gets the job done," says Malissin.

"I go to the Gardens on occasion, when I wish to remind myself, vaguely, of home. It is a place where the townsfolk can experience what it is like to be in a forest. Or so they believe. I suppose for humans it is identical to being in a real forest."
"However, those more in tune with nature," he says indicating the rangers and elves, "always find it lacking. It just does not feel quite right. But if you can get over that feeling, you can begin to relax somewhat."

You seem to know your way around town Malissan. Perhaps you could tell me where I could find certain items that I am in need of. What I need are certain components for my spells. As for the nights activities, I really need to do some studying, so if you could suggest the quieter of the two inns, I would be very appreciative. Come to think of it, I may just sleep in the Utopia Gardens, if that is the closest to an actual forest this town has to offer.

"There is an herb shop in town, they might have what you seek, although I cannot really say as I have never been in there," says Malissin. "But they are most likely closed now, as it is late."
"As for which Inn is quieter... the Dragon Tail has more people there on average than the Capitol Inn. More rowdy people, I should say," he adds with a grin. "You may want to try the local library if you need a quiet place."
"I do not know if sleeping in the forest is allowed or not. I would assume not as the local law enforcement probably does not want vagrants and other people loitering around a public place."
As you are all deciding where to go, in walks a fully armored knight. He looks about the room noting each one of you before walking over to the clerk. She looks up, a shy adoring smile clear upon her face.

Kendra pauses for a moment to see what the knight is here for and then says "Ok, all those interested in a good time follow me." Kendra laughs lightly and continues "Just kidding boys. It's off to the inn."

Caoimhin stands for a while, watching as the others introduce themselves. After a few minutes, he steps up to the desk and says, "I'll be off then. Until Moonday morning," then turns and leaves.

The knight speaking to the receptionist gestures for a few minutes, then presents her with a small collection of a local wildflower. After a couple moment more of discourse, he nods farewell, scans the room, and heads for the assembled group (remaining). As he strides thru confidently, a closer examination is possible. Carrying the king's token pinned to his azure surcoat, he is obviously in service to King Arion, though he does not wear the standard uniform of the guardsmen. There is a golden hawk emblazoned upon the surcoat, wings outstretched. The hilts of two longswords can be seen rising from his left shoulder, with hilts gleaming nearly as brightly as the well-cared for splint mail he wears. Standing about 6 feet, his bound-back black hair frames a stern but welcoming face; he takes the time to meet each person's eyes with his penetraing green gaze. "Good day friends," he begins with a smooth flow, "I have been given understanding that some of you wish to pass the night at the fair Gardens? We do ask that if you wish to rest within, please respect the sanctity of such a beautiful site. If you wish to be somewhat more boisterous, you may find the Dragon's Tail to be more to your liking." A pause while he lets his information sink in is followed by a warm smile. "I'm sure that you will not cause any disturbance for the good men and women on duty, but if you have need of them, we have many stations throughout the city....and make many patrols to help ensure the ace is kept. As I trust we understand the situation, let me bid you good day and encourage you to explore the beauties of our fair city. May Pikahl ward your travels..." He nods a farewell, then places his helmet on his head, adjusts the cheekguards (fashioned to resemble bird wings), and proceeds toward the doorway. Before exiting, he turns back and calls across the room, "One final request... please ensure that the drinking is kept under control. We had an unfortunate...incident last night involving a group applying to work for the king. After having too much to drink, the individuals infringed upon several patrons' enjoyment of the facility, not to mention a fair bit of property damage to renumerate. If such an incident arises, please allow the guardsmen to deal with the situation... brawling is frowned upon...immensely." He nods again, then exits the building once conversation with him is concluded. There is a piercing whistle followed by a thunder of hooves, which fades away as talk resumes.

Athos loosens a smile from his jaw, "That sounds wonderful, i have met oh so few kind faces in my life..." Athos proceeds to gather his belongings. He restraps his sword to his back and grabs his backpack, "Shall we proceed to the Dragon Tail, then?" He looks about the slowly emptying town hall, you again notice the scar that leaves a line coming from his left cheek to jaw, "Looks like we will have some company, maybe we can get aquainted with them there, no?"

The clerk stands, taking a key from a pocket of her dress, and waits by the door for you.
Wulfgar chuckles to himself "Let's get going before they lock us in here until Moonday, and I am also hungry, but I have a thirst like a fire breathing Dragon after a curry! Now let's get going" Wulfgar walks to the door and opens it waiting for the others.

Jayar exits the building, thanking Wulfgar as he does. "Lead on. I have a suggestion though. While we are out celebrating new found friends this evening, let's try to not get the locals angry with us. That knight we just saw seemed to know what he was talking about. I, for one, do not wish to find out the King's favorite method for public execution."

Wulfgar turns to the rest of the group "Anyone else going to The Dragon Tail Inn?" He waits to see what response he gets.

"Aye, That is where I am headed." says the hulking Jarryd. "Come, all this talk has made me hungry and my stomach is chewing on my butt." He tosses back his head and roars with laughter at his own joke.

Kendra shakes her head and rolls her eyes at Jarryd's comment but also laughs hardily with him "Now that's hungry."

Laughing hysterically at Jarryds joke, Jayar then says, "Now that was funny!! But I've got one for you too. Goes something like this, 'I could eat the ass out of a dead cow.' Maybe not as pleasant, but it is funny." Hearing Kendras offer... as a guide, he says, "The hell with studying tonight. I can do my shopping tomorrow. I think that I will be staying at the Dragon Tail Inn. What shall we do after we check in? We could find something to eat and then check out this Garden. Maybe find something to drink?"

"Now that's the spirit." Kendra says as she slaps Jayar on the back "We'll get everyone checked in and then go to a pub for drinks and supper. Then to the gardens, if time permits." As the door opens, she leaves the building leading the way.

Turn 2- The Inn