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Turn 143

Laban begins running his sword across the wall point out and discovers resistance directly above the puddle on the floor. Just to the right, the sounds of chains being jerked and shaken is unmistakable. Muffled sounds, (like someone talking with a sock in their mouth) is obvious also. Laban notes aloud that it would seem someone is attatched invisibly to the wall.

Keldar looks about, then moves forward. "Dust.... er we need ust ta see this. Magics not working, so gotta use dust."
The little gnome then stands, staring at the area where the chain noise is coming from. "Why'as everyone else got magic but us?"
Thse who have been with the group notice a marked relapse of Keldar's since the recent discovery of our dead foe.

"What have you found Laban?" Barbaxle walks over to where the sounds of moving chains is coming from. Once he is there he will feel from the top down until he finds where the persons head should be. He will then search for the face and see if anything is inserted into the mouth, if so he will try to remove it. "I have a feeling that this might be one of our faithful friends. How can we get this invisibility off from this person? I was thinking if they punch someone, that the spell might dispel."

Jahl sheathes his sword and moves to where the hidden person is joining barbaxle. With a light touch, Jahl examines the person and tries to locate one of the shackles. A long, slim piece of metal appears in Jahl's hand as he begins prodding the shackle by touch alone. "Hmm," Jahl muses, "not unlike opening a lock in the dark..."

Sheial moves to the side of the now open hidden door, leaning against the near wall as people quickly search the area. Still, even with a group, this place gave her the shivers ... the blackness seeming to only give grudgingly to the light. The smell of urine wafted towards the seawoman and she moved closer when the others closed in on a specific spot along the opposite wall.
Sheial couldn't help but stare at the ... elf ? His skin was so dark and his hair so white; it was a striking contrast. His swords seemed poised to stab the invisible ... whatever it was ... if it should so much as move the wrong way. Barbaxle and a' tall, trim man with brown hair and green eyes moved towards the clanking and muffled noise. Inwardly Sheial was glad Cole had thrown her chains into murky pool, especially when people first looked to her to be the cause of the unwanted noise. They all seemed so concerned about their friends and Sheial's brown eyes darkened with her feelings of guilt. Her mind went back to the young female elf they had left behind, alone, with the dead body and the lanky woman actually flinched.
Murmuring a "Must check on Aerial." to no one in particular, Shieal backed off from the group surrounding the area and moved towards the hidden door and the corridor beyond.

A very familiar voice calls out, " Don't you fucking turn any invisibility off! I'd rather be sacrificed on that god-damned alter than be seen like this!", more chain-rattling can be heard, "Just find a way to remove these chains, and start with the bottom ones! I'm sure my clothes are around here somewhere. As soon as I get down from here, I'm going to armor up and find those sick bastards who did this."

"Such language from a ...," Jahl squints at the location her head should be, "missing face." Jahl sighs loudly and says, "I must say though, this is the best I've ever seen you Kay!" Jahl smirks. "Now stop moving around so I can get this shackle off."

Vincas lets a huge sigh of relief when he hears Kay's voice. He lowers his crossbow and moves over by Keldar. Kneeling down by the gnome he gets a concerned look on his face.
"Hey doing OK? I know you're upset, we all are. But we've got to keep it together or we're in big trouble. Save your emotions for when we find those cultists." Vincas waits to see if Keldar is 'relapsing' and exhibiting mannersims of any of his old friends.

Keldar nods at Vincs, showing that the gnome is OK, relatively. He then bites his lip and prepares for battle.

The shackles stop shaking for a moment, "Pardon me If I don't laugh, this bloody wall is freezing , and I think someone just pissed themself, as I can smell it from here.", Kay reminds quite for a few more moments before adding," And speaking of accidents, what the hell happened to you guys?"

Jahl succeeds at picking the lock on the invisible manacle, finally getting all 4 complete. A very angry, fortunately invisible Kay is released from the wall.

Overjoyed beyond belief, Kay momentarily forgets that she spent what felt like an eternity chained to a wall, and the fact that some of her companions appear to have been smacked silly by a ugly-club, and gives Jahl a quick peck on the cheek before heading over to her armor and clothing, which she quickly tosses on. "I'm sure they did the same thing to poor Arilyn, but she won't be as receptive as I, since that freeze spell must still be on. Er, speaking of spells, how did those cultists manage to get their magic to work?"

Kay and Arilyn's misadventure
Turn 144