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Turn 144

Laban approaches where the noise from the chains is coming from and cautiously searches, discovering 2 people, invisible, chained to the wall. Barbaxle ungags Kay, while Jahl goes to work with the lockpicks on the invisible manacles. Relieving Kay of her chains, she quickly dresses and armors herself muttering curses and vague death threats all the while. Quite comical looking she is actually, as her armor appears to float in the air, perfectly visible while she herself is unable to be seen. Sheial returns for Aerial while Jahl is picking the locks and soon returns, Aerial in tow, carrying Gareth's body over her shoulder. The most ephemeral of whispers swirls around the two women. "Duty... ... ... is eternal..." and then there is again silence startling those in the room, but surprisingly enough frightening none. Jahl quickly makes with the lock picks and Arilyn is free, or you assume so, as she is still completely immobile. Wulfgar takes her invisible form in his arms, carrying her to her clothing where he swiftly helps her to dress. Removing her gag still has not enabled her to speak, but he insists it is indeed her. Feeling her pulse shows she is indeed alive, just apparently still frozen by the priests deadly spell, causing you to wonder why Vincas is free yet not she.

Walking over to Wulfgar to where the invisiable Arilyn is. "What has happened to Arilyn? How come she isn't talking? Are you sure it is her and not one of the priest acting like her?" All these questions come out at once as Aerial looks as she is worried. " We have to find out anyone know how to take off a invisiable spell? Since they are dressed we have to know If she is still somewhere around here we have to know." Anxiety Seemed to be looking down her thoat. But then a calm came over her. A almost disturbing calm as if something came over her. Taking a deep breath she begins" Wee need to hury an get out of here it is not safe With that black priest still around he chained them in her put the spell on them so they woun't be seen" As if she needed to be in control She turns around to everyone. "We must hurry an leave this place someone remove the spell it just doesn't feel right in here." Rubbing her arms she walks swiftly back closer to the door and quickly scans the room again as if looking for something." He might still be in here."

Upon noticing a lack of weaponry in her scabbards, Kay returns to her previous mood, "Those bloody banging bastards! They took my swords, and my bow! The bow my mother and I made together when I was eight! I can't believe it!", the walking suit of armor paces back and forth muttering not-at-nice-things about the cultists and a certain spell-caster. When the others arrive, the armor stops, "You want to know how to make us visible, eh Aerial? Just put Gareth down, and I'll make myself visible you bloody slag! I can't believe you tossed that spell, especially with all the crap going around with magic lately!", the armor gets closer to the cleric, "We could of stopped those dammed clerics and neither I, nor poor Arilyn would of been magic'ed off like that if you hadn't decided to go pouncing off with your spells. I really think you should.", upon getting a better look at the unconscious knight, her tone changes yet again, this time in fear, "He's not dead, is he? I thought he might of been frozen like A'.", she pulls off a gauntlet and places an unseen hand on the warrior's face, "How did this happen?"

Standing next to the door Aerial Looks at where the floating armor is "Look getting mad at me won't change what has happened it was a stupid mistake but it is made. I wanted to save Ariyln And I thought them silly rumors.Because I hadn't used my magic in a while no need to."Then looking at Gareth she says" He caught one of the priests and squeazed him to death but not before he was stabbed with what I think is a poisoned dagger.And so he died well try to bring him back if we can get."Sorrow filling her face for a person unknown to her but at the death of him. "Wait your invisablity might be useful I was talking about Ariyln."

Cole stands and also follows where the body of Gareth goes refusing to let the fallen knight out of his sight.He seems to ignore anything else in the room.

Slowly shaking her head, Sheial paused for a moment, looking down at Aerial, wondering if it had been the smaller woman who had prompted that oddest of whispers. Deciding that she would just accept the oddness now and dwell on the supernatural aspect later, Sheial continued on with her walk. The woman was wearing 3 gold earrings in her left ear, a shirt and pair of pants made of a black cloth {ooc: considering it came from Wulfgar's pack, I just automatically assumed they were black}. The pants were rolled up enough to show a bare foot and where her left foot should be, there was a rod of wood instead. Her skin was tanned and leathery, almost weatherbeaten and she has the start of crows feet.
Sheial walks slowly into the black room, her peg leg and her modified cane making their trademark stacatto thumps on the stone floor. She seemed to be walking slowly not only because of the extra weight, but mostly because she was making certain of her footing. The woman with the sun kissed blonde hair looked up when she finally paused in the room, just 5 feet from the hidden door, staring in stunned amazement as a suit of armor seemed to be walking around by itself. This suit of armor had quite a mouth on it too.
The lanky woman learned soon enough that the gutter mouthed suit of armor was Kay and that Arilyn was also invisible, her now clothed body being held within Wulfgar's arms. Aerial puts words to her concern and even had Sheial on her guard when she spoke of the chance of the priest still being in the room. She hefted Gareth's body a little to a more comfortable spot, easing off one shoulder so she could swing her table leg as a club if need be. She didn't even think of placing him on the ground, figuring they may have to leave at any time.
Sheial glanced warily at the empty suit of armor as Kay made her threats towards Aerial, wondering if that would extend to her as well. All this magic was unnerving to say the least. Areial quickly retreated from the interior of the room to right beside the door, showing she wasn't foolish enough to allow Kay near her. At Kay's softly spoken question about Gareth, Sheial relaxed a little and the seawoman had an odd, pained look to her face while Aerial explained what happened to the paladin.
The lanky woman glances over at Cole, the one who had freed her from her manacle and chain and smiled gently at him, but he did not seem to see her. She thought she'd been in odd situations before, but this one took the cake. Sheial spoke in her quiet, low voice, "I dinna know ye Kay, but I do understand yer concern." She nodded to the floating suit of armor, then the rest of the group, "But ye need to concentrate on those living in yer group. It is true, if ye and the little lass over with Wulfgar could be struck invisible, then the priest could be also. Did ye see where the black cloaked men left to Kay? Do any of ye know the exit to this horrid place?"
Sheial suddenly clamped her lips shut in a thin line. She wasn't part of this group and she shouldn't immediately jump in with the thought she was. Already she had endangered them with her presence and the further she continued to be with them, the more likely problems would occur. The tanned woman stared at the ground, torn with indecision.

"It's like this, I was checking out that hallway out there, and I came across a book, and like an idiot, I tried to pick it up, and then I woke up chained to the wall over there. I don't remember anything else.", Kay slides her gauntlet back on and turns away, "Great, Gareth was the glue that held these heroes together, and without him around.", she looks down and sighs, "Do you know how many clerics managed to get away from your little battle? And did the leader survive? I'd like to have a few words with him, and most importantly, does anyone have a spare blade for me to borrow? I need something to greet those cultists with."

Keldar unsheathes a plain shortsword at his hip, then extends the hilt for Kay to take. "May not be your weapon type, but she's better'en bitin' and scratchin'."
The gnome looks at the unarmed woman, then suddenly remembers something. He unstraps his backpack, fishes around, and draws out a finely crafted dagger.
"T'was the magic blade of my dear, departed Bock. Brave priest of Mensal. I meant to never use this, keeping only as a memory to Bock, but you are out for revenge; a battle that Bock's religion would bless."
He flips the blade to her. "Take this to use for now, as Bock's blessin'. Return it to me when you have your weapons again.

"Biting? Ha! I learned a thing or two about fisticuffs back in Dawn. Ol' Largo LeGrande showed me quite a few moves, but I'll play it safe for now and use this stubby little blade of yours.", she takes the short-sword and holds it up, "Ah cripes, it's kind of light in the wrong places, and knowing my luck, I'll probably end up stabbing myself."

After both Arilyn and Kay are free, and clothed. Barbaxle says to the group, "Is everyone ready to go, someone will need to carry Arilyn until the spell wears off. I'm sure that one of you is stronger than I, otherwise I would carry her." Barbaxle then walks over to Kay and says, "I sure hope that they didn't do anything to you, besides striping you of your clothes and chaining you to the wall. Do you know in which direction that they went? We must find these evil priests and put an end to their tyranny once and for all. I know deep in my heart that is what my dear friend Gareth would say to me if he was still standing by my side." As he is saying that you can see that his eyes are starting to get a little watery. He tries to cover it up by putting his hands over his face and letting out a big sigh. "So, who is with me to find and kill these awful people. I will not take there actions lightly. I can only imagine what other travesties they have created." After waiting to hear what Kay said about where they might've gone, Barbaxle gathers the group together and guides them in the direction shown.

Vincas kneels by Arilyn, a look of concern and worry on his face. "I can carry her, but if she's spellbound as I was she'll be free soon enough. It only seems like it lasts an eternity. Let's wait here for a bit....if we get attacked while carrying her we'll have 2 people who are easy targets."
He shudders and slowly reaches a hand out to grasp where he thinks her shoulder is. "We're here with you, don't worry, we won't leave you ro anyone else...we're all getting out of here."
Vincas watches the "walking suit of armor" curse about the room and says "Kay, when they turned you invisible, did they seem to have any problems seeing you? Were you invisible before they bound you? What I mean is, if they don't have some magical means to see you perhaps we can use their spell against them and you can locate them without being detected...then we can get the jump on them next time. But for that to work you'd have to go without armor and I'm not sure that's wise, especially since we don't know when it wears off. What say you?"

Kay stops cursing just for a moment and tries to place the short-sword in her scabbard. Not at all pleased on how it just sort of wobbles in the case, she sighs and decides to carry it, "As I said before, I really didn't see anything, I woke up in this room with only a invisible Arilyn to keep me company. Whoever locked me up, was long gone. As for what they did to me, I don't feel anything beyond this headache, so I assume they we're just letting me hang around until the usual standard cultist-type sacrifice. As for this invisibility, I think I've had my fill of it.", she casually walks over to the table, draws her blade, "Take this, feeble broken table!", and smacks the table with her sword.

Turn 145