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Kay and Arilyn's misadventure

After a brief nap, Kay awakens not to her companions, but to an empty room, one that she had visited before. After a few seconds of bewilderment, the warrior realizes that she's chained and feeling a bit drafty. She lets out a cry for help, but being gagged, her cries are muffled. Not at all pleased with her current predicament, she lets out a few loud obscenities (Or something close) and begins to shake her chains violently, hoping to rip them from the walls. During all this, she notices that she can't see herself (Or can she?), this enrages her even more and the muffled screams become louder, and the chain shaking more rapid.

Arilyn watches as Barbaxle ungags Kay, somehow knowing that the room will soon be filled with gutter words. She feels joy flow through her body as Jahl is able to pick the locks. She tries to scream out in joy that she may be rescued as well. Hope fills her thoughts and she struggles to hug her friends. She sees new adventurers and her eyes look over to a person carrying a body. She wonders who the person is...and who she is carrying. With a creeping fear, she recognizes Gareth's clothes. She knows Gareth would never allow himself to be carried...unless he was unconscious...or dead. No, it was not possible. To her, Gareth was was not possible that he was dead. She struggles in her mind to free herself, for she knows that every effort for her to move has been fruitless. She tries to speak with Jahl as he frees her. "It is me, Jahl. Oh dear goddess Quiom, thank you for sending my friends to me."

Arilyn looks at the group and the tension that permeates the room. Everybody seems to be either slightly or very much on edge. She has also been a victim to terrible acts and she knows that her nights will be terrorized with nightmares. She does not want to be a victim and perhaps she can defeat her fears. A smile crosses her lips as she thinks of the games she played as a child. Hiding...and then jumping out to scare her friends. She remembers hiding on her mother and then scaring her. Her mother almost died of fright, but to her it was so comical. She sees that the others are not looking her way and she retreats to the most secluded spot and strips off her clothes. She thinks that if she is going to be invisible, she might as well take advantage of it.

Out of nowhere, in front of Cole, invisible fingertips brush lightly across his skin, touching, almost caressing his face before disappearing.

Jahl feels invisible fingers touching his pockets, tugging gently. As he starts they vanish leaving him to wonder if he is imagining things.

Wulfgar feels a soft tongue caress his lips, kissing him lightly. A light pleasant floral scent wafts toward him on the air, before disappearing, making him wonder if he had imagined it after all.

Vincas hears a low sultry feminine voice whispering in his ear "Sing for your supper..Let it play in your head..and if I think it worthy..I will let you take me to bed."

Rathaniel feels a light touch at his shoulder, from invisible fingers. It tugs at his robe almost playfully, before stopping, leaving him to wonder if he didnt perhaps imagine the whole thing.

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