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Turn 134

Kay and Aerial charge into the rolling black smoke after Arilyn, Vincas lies on the floor as still as death although his eyes are expressive for those who have time to look, letting you know he is yet alive. Cole fires a spell of unknown intent, which ends up setting Gareths long sword blade aflame, and causing better damage on the worm. Cole drags Vincas out of the line of fire, and Rath starts chanting something in an arcane language which ends in bolts of fire shooting from his fingertips and plunging deep into the purple worm which screeches in pain. Rath is exploded upwards several yards, from the force of his spell, and lands in the water where he promptly begins to sink. he begins thrashing about, but apparently to the onlookers, is unable to swim, or is in too much shoc to do so, because he is quickly losing the battle to stay afloat. A flash of green light from behind you, and barbaxle, laban, and wulfgar appear at the teleport point, too far away (this round at least) to lend any aid. Wulfgar has a rope about his waist, and Barbaxle and Laban cling to the opposite end. Keldar is nowhere about.

After you see the flash of green light, you see that Barbaxle looks around and tries find out where he is. Once he sees the others, he starts to run as fast as he can towards them. "Gareth, Jahl!! What should I do, What is happening here!!" He will draw his scimitar on the run, and once he gets an answer for one of the group he will decide what he will do.

Jahl snaps his head around to his friends that have just arrived and quickly takes in the scene. "Wulfgar," Jahl calls out, "throw the other end of your rope to the man in the water and help him out!" Jahl thrusts his arm out and uses his dirk to point at the man flailing away in the slimey water. "Barbaxle and Laban, help Gareth against the creature if you can!"
His instructions finished, Jahl turns and moves cautiosly towards the dark mist and the priests.

Cole leaves Vincas and goes to Gareth's side. As Rath falls into the water Cole looks on in terror as the man splashes. He calls for someone to help Rath but seems unable or unwilling to get near the pool.

" He's drowning, someone help him out."

As Barbaxle and Wulfgar come into the room Cole seems to relax a bit more and focus again on the task's at hand.

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Turn 135