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Turn 135

Wulfgar tugs the rope and Laban and Barbaxle let go so he can throw the end to Rath who is somehow able to stop thrashing about long enough to grab the end and be hauled to safety. Gareth takes his flaming sword and with one fell swoopis ableto decapitate the worm and it falls back into the pool just as Rath is pulled from it. Kay and Aerial have vanished into the smoke, and Jahl is cautiously headed there. Vincas is still down, unmoving. The smoke is getting thicker, although you dont hear any coughing or anything to indicate the 3 women or the priests are having any difficulty breathing. As most of you cautiously edge towards the blackness, Keldar appears in a flash of light at the teleport entry point.

Battle Map

Rathaniel mutters thanks to those who pulled him out when his lips stop shaking enough to speak. He moves behind the rest of the group towards the smoke. He is thoroughly wet, shivering and clutches that arm that threw the spell which is still twitching slightly from shock.
"I'm afraid," he says quietly, "I won't be doing much casting anytime soon. Magic is so unstable these days..."
Upon the materialization of Keldar, Rath looks up with a grin. "Just how many of you am I to expect?"

"Barbaxle and Keldar, see to Vincas! Everyone else, follow me!" the knight bellows in an adrenaline-inspired battle urgency. The flaming longblade is grasped in a readied hold by Gareth's left hand; his right stretches forward as he quickly walks into the smoke, angling his passage left on a 45-degree between the priest's last position and the worm pool (dodge pits or ppl down in the smoke!).

Jahl moves cautiously into the darkness, his weapon ready.

Keldar glances around, desparately at the companions before they charge off. "What 'appen'd ta Vincas!?" He looks expectantly at each person still near him, waiting for a reply. The gnome seems near panic as he cradles Vincas's head in his arms.

"Please be calm, sir," Rathaniel says still nearby and still shaking. "He was fine one moment, the next I see him on the ground. He doesn't appear to be dying and there is still the matter of a group of priests," gestures towards the smoke, "that made off with one of your friends."
Rath then continues forward behind the rest pulling Jahl's dirk from his belt where it somehow managed to stay put during his explosive flight into the water.

Keldar glares back for a moment, then realizes the truth of Rath's statement. The little gnome however cannot let this pass. He looks down at Vincas and says, "I'll get the goblin dung that did this to ya... looks like yer spell bound, which means my spells'll be workin' here as well." A wicked smile passes over the gnomes face, as he stands.

"WHo ain't the fightin' type. Sumone's gotta stay 'ere with Vincas. I gotta go stick me a spell-slinger."

Cole Follows close behind Gareth sword in hand.

Turn 136