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Wulfgar's Tantrum

After throwing the wine on Kay, Wulfgar will exit the Inn and go for a walk through the town of Landry to see what stores there are. He will also see who the churches are to {Which Gods?}and if the stores are open see how much it will cost to buys a dozen arrows. He will look around to see what else is going on and maybe speak to a few of the locals to ask if they have seen or heard any tales of strange things happening.
He will talk to anyone he finds trying to find out if there has been anything happening in the surrounding area that would be classed as unusual. He will go to the store and pick up some arrows and some wine for his skins. Then if he can't get any more information will look for somewhere around the edge of town to st and have a quiet drink without these pesky women. I mean if they don't want to flirt they try and annoy the hell out of you. Even an angel would have lost her temper by now.
With it getting so dark (well past twilight) there really arent many locals about. The ones you DO see are in a hurry, locking up their stores and such. You see a bookstore, and a general store that still have a light burning and are probably open.
Heading for the bookstore, Wulfgar debates going inside to converse with the shopkeeper.
Barbaxle comes running at breakneck speed, almost slamming into Wulfgar outside the bookstore.
"Wulfgar, your have to come quick. Arilyn got sucked into a painting in the room above the inn. They are investigating it right now, lets hurry back there so we don't miss them." With that said Barbaxle starts to run back to the Inn and makes sure that Wulfgar follow him.
"Hold on there Barbaxle before you have an accident!" Wulfgar looks at Barbaxle and nods his head showing absolutely no emotion he follows Barbaxle back to the Inn with ease as his powerful legs cover the ground quickly. Upon reaching the inn Wulfgar will quickly check through his equipment and enter the Inn. Looking around to see who is still in the bar and who has gone to investigate the painting.
Laban looks up from th table as Barbaxle and Wulfgar run into the Inn "They are all away to see the painting!" He speaks quietly d calmly as he moves round the table to follow them to the stairs leading up to the room where the painting is situated. quietly wondering what mysteries they might uncover and what dangers they would face. These guys were good and he hoped he could live up to their standards, his hands slipped down to rest on the hilts of his twin scimitars and the feeling of their well used hilts filled him with a sense of confidence.
Climbing the stairs, the 3 men encounter Keldar standing outside a room, eyes wide in shock, looking in at a painting partially covered by a cloak sitting on the floor.
Keldar screams at everyone to stop, before they enter the room.
"Now, where's that paintin'? I'll go in the room blindfolded, an' see if I kin turn the paintin' around. Then we should be able ta go in an' look about without vanishin' too. I'll just whistle a tune so that yous'll know if anythin' 'appens ta me. Whadoyasay?"
Laban looks at Wulfgar "Perhaps they need our help, we should go as well?" He moves towards the painting, trying to get past Wulfgar.
Wulfgar stands firm in the doorway and stops Laban from passing "I know that they may be in need of our help however we don't all want to dive in. I suggest that Keldar or Barbaxle run down and see the owner and pay for this room and make them agree that no-one gets in until either we return or a certain amount of time passes. That way no harm will come to the painting and strand us wherever we end up if it is a portal. Then we check the bag on the bed to see what is in it before we try out the painting. At least preparing ourselves as best we can." He looks at Barbaxle and nods hoping he will take the hint and go see the owner. He steps into the room keeping away from the painting and tries to pick up the bag from the bed without going near the picture.
"Sounds good Wulfgar, I will go see the owner." With that Barbaxle hops down the stairs and tries to find the owner. If he is still around, he will go up to him and say "Something is not quite right with that painting. Where did you get it, and do you know of any magical powers it might have?" Barbaxle will wait for a response. "We are going to follow the others into the painting, so is there a way that you can not let anyone into this room until we return. If we don't return in a couple of days please don't disturb the painting. It might be our only chance of returning. Do we have a deal."
The innkeeper accepts no money, stating the room is already payed for by the missing guest. He says the painting was there when he bought the place last year, knows of no magical traits. He agrees to not rent out the room until you return. It has been about 30 minutes since the bul of the party vanished into the painting.
"Fear not Keldar, there are no traps in this room I think that this is some kind of portaat has drawn in our companions as Laban here said. I will go in and try to see what is in the room from an open point in the room without going close if I vanish then you will know the limitations to enter the room. Perhaps we could tie a rope around me and you can all hold on to it." He pulls out a length of thin rope from his pack and ties one end around his waist.
"I will hold that rope Wulfgar. If you vanish, which I suspect that you will I think that we all should follow. Most of the party has already gone into the portal and might need out help. I don't think that we should waste anymore time with trying to figure it out. What do you think?"
Keldar looks up at the two as they secure the rope. "I'd not worry. Last time Vinc and me and 're friends got sucked inta sumthin' like that, we met the elfin queen, and got good snacks and drink." Keldar awaits the result of this experiment.
"I hope you are right my friend!" Wulfgar moves forward into the room to see what else he might find. Taking care not to get to close to the painting and working his way around the room.
Laban steps up to the doorway and grabs hold of the rope as well, "Better to have plenty of weight at this end to pull you out of any trouble you might find." He readies himself for anything.
Wulfgar attatches a rope to his waist, and Barbaxle and Laban both hold it fast. Wulfgar tromps about the room staying clear of the picture, but finds nothing not already noted.
Keldar stays behind the door and calls out, "Wulfgar.... try the painting now.... searchin' that room's not bringin' anyone back!"
Wulfgar is loathe to attempt the painting, but has to admit that nothing good is coming of his examination of the room. Taking the plunge, Wulfgar steps up to the painting. Assuring the rope is snug about his waist, he vanishes when he touches the portrait, as do Laban and Barbaxle who were holding the rope.
Realizing he is alone, Keldar makes his decision. Keldar sighs, and heads down the stairs, stopping to speak to the barkeeper. "My friends is in the paintin' now, an' I'm goin after'em. Don't let no-one else in that room 'till we's back. Who knows what'll be on the other side." His grim face then lightens, "But when we're done figuin' that bit out, we'll be askin' fer free drinks. (with a wink)"
He checks to ensure that he has all of his standard supplies (backpack of things, spell books, etc) and will retrieve them if he has not. He then heads up to the room, shuts the door, and blocks it with an available peice of furnature. He then lines himself up to the painting, closes his eyes, and walks towards it, keeping his eyes down and off the painting to see it looking at is is what causes the transportation. If he get right up to it without vanishing, he sighs "Comin' ta get ya Vinc..." then touches the painting to see where he ends up.
Meanwhile, Barbaxle speaks anxiously "I don't like this. Keep an eye out for what's in that pool. I can see Arilyn and she looks like she is using a flaming arrow. They must be in trouble, let's get over there as fast as possible." With that he motions to the 3 of members in his group and starts to run towards Arilyn.
Keldar appears and looks at the scene around him, and sees Vincas lying on the ground, still. The gnomes dark face pales somewhat at the site of his friend, and his eyes open wide. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" screams the gnome, but his voice lowers at the last of the scream.
The gnome rushes to Vincas's side, and fumbles in his backpack for the waterskin he had filled back at the curative well. He attempts to force Vincas to drink the water, all the time muttering a strange conversateion to himself...

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