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Reinforcements 4

Meanwhile, as Edo and Laban adventure along, another motley group of folks are assembling back in Dragonmeyr. Seems the King is concerned about the lack of updates from several of the parties sent out months back. So the call went out, "Now hiring adventurers..." and people start arriving for their interviews...

Having already had your interviews, and knowing that you'll be setting out tomorrow in groups of 4, you try and make up your mind what to do with the rest of the day and evening. Heading for a local tavern, 'The DragonTail Inn" you ponder the information you learned in your interview. You consider how the news will affect skills you've known for so long. You already knew that the monsters that used to roam the countryside have apparently vanished, after all, you traveled to Dragonmeyr from your home without being accosted. What you hadnt realized, having had no reason to use your magic, was that magic has become seriously unstable. Stories and Rumors, as well as facts have circulated about priests and wizards using minor magics that backfire causing strange effects from as minor as weather and color changes to injury and even death! You were cautioned by the King himself, as well as some priests, a druid, and several magic users to only use magic if absolutely necessary. You enter the inn, and look around. You find the place brimming with people from all races and classes, drinking and having a great time. A sign on the wall proclaims the prices here.

Private room-1 gp-bath included
2 man room-1 ep-bath included
common room- 1 sp-bath included
stabling of horse free with room

wine (elvin)-1gp
Honey Mead(house special)-1gp
bark tea-1sp
bread-1cp per slice
pudding-1ep per bowl
stew-1ep (with meat)
Roast Fowl-1gp
Hot Fruit Pie-1ep in season
cheese-1sp wedge
fruit-1sp in season
Hot Meat Pie-1gp (house special)
Fowl & Venison include all trimmings for 1ep

As you approach the bar, you notice the person who had set next to you in the town hall waiting room, when you were waiting for your interview is again sitting next to you at the bar.

Whisper glances at everyone and nods at Crystal (whom I supposing he knows seeing her at the interview?). Then his gaze falls on the fireplace and he shivers. He looks for a serving girl and asks if he can take his food outside to eat. If so he orders a stew and goes outside, if not he just leaves.

Crystal goes to the bartender and says "Whats up? I need a private room for the night."

The barkeep gives Crystal a key in exchange for her gold piece and she heads upstairs to deposit her belongings while Whisper orders his lunch and heads out onto the patio to eat it. Crystal returns to the bar after locking her room and looks around for someone to dance with. She doesnt see anyone who isnt attatched to anyone, except a few mercenary types, and there is no music playing at this time. The bar is full however, so maybe someone is scheduled to play later this evening she reasons. Whisper finishes his stew and returns the bowl to the barmaid, just as Crystal comes back down the stairs and is looking around. The time is around 2:00pm.

Whisper moves over to the elf woman and does a half-bow. "Greetings sister, may I ask why you're looking around?" he says in elven

Crystal looks at him and responds, in fluent elven "I'm waiting for the band to show up. Where the hell are they? I play the guitar and the panpipes, myself. I'd ask you to dance but I like it better when there's music." she says dissapointedly. "Oh well, you wanna head up to my room if they don't show up in the next half hour or so? You don't play anything by any chance do you?"

Switching to common and looking over the crowd Whisper says, "I do. But I prefer singing. Sounds like you could accompany me rather well." He offers her a small smile. "I wasn't aware there was going to be a band. As for the room, I think I prefer the outdoors. Enclosed spaces make me slightly nervous." Whisper's eyes drift over to the fire again, you can almost see it reflecting in his lavendar eyes.

Crystal pulls out a guitar, as Whisper preapres to sing in accompaniment. As they set up on stage, a young female comes through the door of the tavern. Looking out through the folds of her cloak, you recognize her as one of the other people assigned to your group. She opens the door and looks around, then she steps back outside allowing the door to close.

Stella looks around the crowded inn from underneath her hood. Realizing that she has little money she turns and leaves the inn. She sits on the bench and thinks over what she learned from the interview. She will spend the night in the woods and be back on the bench in the morning just as the sun comes over the horizon.

Crsyal says to Whisper (in common) "Do you know the words to 'Pay the Man?' or how about 'Pretty Fly for a Hill Dwarf?' or should we just play some elven folksong?"

Whisper kneels on stage for a second and mutters some words to himself with his eyes closed. Then he stands and whispers to you with a smile, "Those tunes arn't easy to sing to, milady. Do you know, 'I can only love one?' {semi-old romance tune, made up the title}" He looks at the new-comer and smiles.

You play a few sets amidst applause and lots of dancing. You both discover that each other are very good. Crystal on the guitar and Whisper on vocals. The mysterious druidical type who will be in your group crosses your mind for a moment, as another hooded figure enters the room, but it isnt her. You ponder what you will do the rest of the evening and night before departing on the morrow.

Whisper smiles to himself, satisfied with the performance. "We'll make quite a roadshow, milady. Do you think there's a chance of the band showing up or shall we ask the innkeeper about a little employment?"

Stella realizes that she won't find out any information sitting out here on the tavern's bench, so she gets up and quietly enters the tavern. Looking around, she will try to get a seat in the corner and listen to what gossip she can hear to see if she hears anything about her cursed wood. She counts her money and realizes that she doesn't have enough for food or a room.

Crystal rolls her eyes and pulls a face "Don't call me that. My name is Crystal, not "milady"" she yawns "I'm turning in, see ya later." Crystal goes up to her room to sleep the night away.

You spend your afternoon planning for your departure the next day, gathering food and other needed supplies. The evening finds you ready for bed, tired after your hours spent shopping etc. You go to bed seperately ready for your journey to begin in the morning. Morning comes and you head back to the keep where you meet up with each other as well as a messenger who will be carrying back maps and letters from the group you are headed to reinforce. The 4 of you depart and travel for several days southwest hoping to meet up with the main group soon. As you approach Landry, you stop and make camp for the night within a small grove of trees that a small stream with drinkable water runs through. You drink your fill, and refill your waterskins before preparing to make camp for the evening.

Once out of town, Whisper undos his cloak to reveal gleaming silver chain mail. It has the symbol of a cresent moon etched in the middle. He keeps his bow strung and ready. He introduces himself to the third(???) member of the party with a short, "Fair winds. I am Whisper. I look forward to smooth travels." He nods at Crystal and whistles an elven tune to himself, something light and travelling like.

The story continues...
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