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Reinforcements 5

As you set about making camp in the copse of trees you discovered, a sudden shout catches your attention having not seen anyone around, or been near any towns or habitations for the last several days of travel. It sounds like "Hail the camp!"

Laban slips away quietly to try and get further round to one side of the group making it harder to see him if they are looking at Edo. Unsure of how they will react to a Dar Elf he slips his hood up to hide his face and also make him harder to see. He rests his hands on his scimitars.

Drawing his sword, Crystal yells in common, "Hail, and be identified!" He moves to try to get a tree at his back and tries to watch over his companions.

Whisper asks the intruder to identify himself and Edo is able to see that all 4 people in the grove appear elvin. When the elves turn towards the sound of the hail, they see a human size figure cloaked in the shadow of the night, but appearing non threatening nonetheless.

"A mere traveller of the realms. I am called Edo. May I and a friend share your fire tonight?" calls the figure.

"That is up to my companions," Whisper replies, sheathing his sword. "I can take care of myself. You are welcome here, if you believe in peace."

"That I do, as does my companion." answers Edo.

Whisper chuckles to himself, realizing the irony of his peaceful statement after drawing a sword, and beckons for the man to come closer.
After a pause, he glances up, and says, "I am Whisper. My companions..." and gestures to the camp.

Stepping to the edge of the firelight, Edo reveals himself. He is a man of average height and build wearing billowing robes of brown. A hood covers his head, but his blue eyes can be seen beneath the cowl. A simple shod staff is held in his right hand and a satchel hangs at his side.

Crsyal pokes her head out from under her blanket "Hey whats up, edo? mi llamo Crystal." Then she buries her head in the ground again

Laban steps out of the trees and slowly walks towards Edo he is Elvin in stature about 5'0, 105 pounds. Carries twin scimitars, dressed in black although you cannot see his face or hands as they are hidden inside his cloak. "Edo my friend I am unsure of this!" He raises a dark skinned hand to hold his shoulder as though it is giving him some pain.

Whisper seeing a man in pain, approaches and says, "Is there something wrong with your shoulder? I am a healer of sorts, I might look at it."

Laban turns and you can see his dark skin and pure white hair inside his hood his dark skin highlights the lavender eyes which look out at you. "I was injured a while back and Edo here has done his best to heal but I fear it is a really bad wound!"

Whisper loses composure for a moment, then calms himself and says, "Peace, then. Let me take a closer look at the wound." and steps slowly closer to what he is beginning to have a bad feeling about.

Laban and Edo enter the campsite. Whisper offers to heal Labans shoulder where the deep wound has caused him arm severe mobility problems. Saying a short prayer, Whispers hands start to glow a bright blue as he places them upon Labans shoulder and the wound knits itself closed with much pain but awe and surprise at the power of the surface dweller Laban cautiously kneads his shoulder and finds it completely healed and the pain has vanished! A young woman approaches and introduces herself as Stella, a druid from far away lands. She senses Edo's wounds and offers to heal him as well. He accepts (I assume, if not let me know) and feels much better once the prayer and poultices have been applied to stop the poison she says. With the newcomers healed and the night deepening towards morning everyone feels the need for sleep rather intensely.

Whisper looks over the group, then says, "I don't know your skills friends, and I would try to guess. However, I say we need a watch for tonight, to make sure there is no trouble. I volunteer for first watch."

Laban flexes his newly healed shoulder "I shall take any watch you want to let me as I kind of prefer the night-time. The peace and quiet are very enjoyable" He extends a hand "I am Laban"

A slight hesitation, but Whisper takes the hand. "Whisper. Where are you headed?"

"Stella, your magics... do they always work as you have planned them to?" asks Edo, obviously intrigued by the lack of problems with the healing spells.

Stella replies cautiously, eyeing Laban with uncertainty but not revulsion. "Actually, healing spells are the only spells that seem to work right these days Edo. All others either dont work at all, or badly misfire causing injury and other mishaps not intended."

"Interesting. I am seeking the cause of this phenomenon. Have you encountered any other spells that seem to work?" continues Edo.

"As I said" she repeats "all others either fail or misfire. Although I've heard of healing spells misfiring, I have not yet had this happen to me. I pray that it does not in the future as well."

"As would I. Thank you for your thoughts on the matter and for the healing touch." says Edo before turning to the others. "Perhaps we could travel together, if our paths lie in the same direction? For where is your band bound?"

Whisper shakes his head but says nothing.

Laban walks to a quiet spot and draws his Scimitars out and sits down with them laid across his lap. He closes his eyes and rests.

Morning dawns to find all of you well and no mishaps during the night. You all awaken refreshed and hungry and begin planning your next move(s) starting with (you hope) breakfast.

Laban stretches and raises his scimitars, he drops into a fighting stances and goes slowly through a few motions then speeds up getting quicker and quicker. His scimitars sing and flash in the morning light as they dance their dance of death back and forth. Then he slows down gradually to a stop before replacing his weapons in their sheaths. He sits down the sweat glistening on his dark skin and takes a deep drink of the water in his waterskin.

Crystal rolls out of her sleeping bag and starts breaking up a loaf of bread, she keeps some to eat and puts the rest back in her bag. While munching on the bread she watches the drow wave his swords around. She yawns and looks for something else. She pulls her hair back and walks over the whisper and yells "HEY WAKE UP! TIME TO SIEZE THE DAY!!!" Then she continues eating.

Whisper rolls over, to the other side of the tree he was leaning on, into the shade, never opening his eyes. He sits up, clasps his hands together, and mutters something softly.

The story continues...
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