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Turn 125

Barbaxle walks over to Crystal, Whisper, and Edo working on the gypsies, and pulls out 2 wineskins brimming with clear liquid. Caoihmin, a gypsy who looks like he may be related to the people in the wagon rushes forward, urging barbaxle on, and pulling out a potion vial and giving it to a young woman who looks to have a particularly nasty cut across her shoulder. Sipping the healing potion causes the shoulder cut to knit back together instantly, and color returns to the womans face as she hugs him and aloud says "Thank you Caoihmin of clan Dubhlachan for coming to our rescue." Cao looks embarrassed and points out that he only just arrived, the woman (he indicates Crystal) saved them. In the meantime, Barbaxle feeds a few sips of the water in the wineskin to each of the gypsies and miraculously, they are healed of their cuts and scrapes, gashes knit together in front of your eyes, and bruises fade from bright blue, to purple, to yellow, to normal skin again with no sign of injury. (It takes 2 full skins out of your 5 to accomplish this heal). The messenger Leonnie introduces himself to Gareth with an excited look on his face, and then introduces the rest of his group (Crystal, Edo, Stella, Whisper, and Laban) but when he tries to intro Laban, it's noted Laban is not in residence. "He must still be in the cave" Leonnie notes aloud before continueing to speak.
(in a nutshell) "Whisper and Crystal are here to reinforce the party. Leonnie and Stella will carry back completed maps, and missives to Dragonmeyr, and Edo and Laban were met a few days ago and they have been traveling together. " Leonnie suggests the possibility of including them as reinforcements as well, since the group is less than 1/2 the size of what they expected back in town.
All the gypsies are healed, and pulling themselves together. Crystal and Whisper realize these are the people they were sent to reinforce, and Gareth recognizes Leonnie as a messenger from King Arions court.

Arilyn looks at the giant and slowly walks all around his huge frame. She overhears Crystal's words and steps over to her, impressed with the battle skills that she must possess. She smiles and extends her hand. Well met, Crystal. I am Arilyn. She turns and moves silently to the other new members. With a warm smile, she politely offers her hand in friendship.

"As King Arion requests, though the party shall have choice as to the acceptance or denial of Edo and Laban. Edo's animosity and Laban's absence will have to be overcome in the request to join, else I suspect the party will have little of them," Gareth replies courteously to the functionary. "I wish to speak to our new allies, but if you would join Cole and myself in a moment, I do have some materials to be sent back. If you will excuse me." The paladin strides over to Crystal and Whisper, a welcoming expression upon his features. "Lord Whisper, Lady Crystal, it is my pleasure to accept you into the company at behest of King Arion. I am our good King's representative within the group; in terms of security and related fields, I have authority, however we prefer the group's concensus to decide most matters. Belittling others because of gender or race is not acceptable, though I expect neither will be forthcoming fromt eh two of you." Nodding an additional acknowledgement towards Crystal, the knight smiles softly, "And m'lady, since I am doing so poor a job, perhaps you will be able to assist me in my duties. Welcome; I will discourse with you in greater length at a later time, Pikahl willing. Pikahl bless you and ward you." The knight returns to speak with the messenger.

Having finished his search of the cave and heard voices outside Laban walks slowly towards the entrance pulling his hood up over his head. He walks slowly out using the edge of his cloak to wipe any blood or grime from his scimitars each one in turn not putting them away until he is sure that those outside are friends. Upon exiting the cave entrance you see a figure wrapped in a cloak he does not seem to wear armour but carries two gleaming scimitars and has dark skin on his hands. You cannot see anything else of his as he wears a long cloak and the hood is pulled over his head.

"Sir Knight, it is just Whisper. Titles of Lord and Lady are to be earned." he says with a rare elven scowl. "And I care nothing of your king or your god, I am in it for the money and the learning of the land. So do not confuse me for anything that I am not." Observant people will notice Whisper casting glances at the non-elves when they are not paying so much attention to him and nodding.

Whisper slightly tired of all these introductions, moves over to flank Laban and greet him. "Anything in there worth our time, Laban?"

Arilyn looks out the corner of her eye to Whisper. She studies him...his every move...his every nuance. She crosses her arms and glances over to Laban, studying him as well. She strides off and speaks with the gypsies, offering them comfort and whatever food she has. Of course, she pays close attention to her purse.

As you are an elf, Whisper doesn't spare you a second glance.

Turning to face the largest of the newcomers Laban does neither raise his sword or replace it in it's sheath. Sensing the slight tension in Whispers voice he waits to see what is happening. He watches as others tend to the healing of the gypsies, "There seems to be little of value inside the cave!" He answers to Whisper when asked if there was anything found. As the people carry on around him he slips his sword into it's sheath with a smooth motion. The hood on his cloak is deep and cover his face well making it hard from any distance to see what he looks like.

Wulfgar looks at the newcomer as he comes out of the cave and at Whisper as he talk with Gareth. He kneels at the headless Giant inquisitive as to the ability of such as Crystal to be able to behead such a monster. He smiles to himself and stands up slowly having come to his own conclusions on the matter. He then walks to the edge of the clearing and scouts around the perimeter to see if he can find any other tracks or trails leading away from the clearing. Other than ones made recently by either group entering or the Giant coming in with his cart. He whistles to himself and when finished will find a spot to sit with his horse close by whilst the others introduce themselves.

Kay watches the others from the comport of her horse, Angel. "Well then, looks like we're no longer needed. The giant is dead and the gypsies are healed, pretty much. I don't see any point in lollygaging in the middle of nowhere, I'm sure there's more evil to be squashed, more of that map to finish, more of the wretchedly helpless to be er, helped, and more treasure hordes to be found. I think we should bid these over-cloaked, oh-so-mysterious fellas a fine adieu and hit the road..Don't you think Wolfie?"

Once the introductions are made and the area appears to be secure, Vincas guides his horse down to join the group. As he approaches, he unloads his crossbow and secures the weapon to his saddle.
Once he is among the group, he dismounts and looks with sadness at the gypsies. He waves his hand to the newcomers and offers a friendly smile.
"Well met, I'm Vincas Quinbal of the village Durant. I must say I'm quite taken aback to meet even more elves, having never even seen one until a few months ago. You sure are adventurous folk I'll give you that."

Jahl turns a surprised look towards Kay, then looks at Wulfgar and grins widely, "wolfie?" Jahl can't help it as he lets a soft chuckle escape his lips.

"Yeah... then we landed in the faerie realm, met that queen wazername who gave our town the magic grain, then help the other-world elves ta kill that armoured evil-elf Strange times indeed. Even found sum uv our towns folk were of mixed parentage. Can you believe that! Folk we knew were half-elven and we didn't even know that the elves existed! Strange days these is..."

Keldar moves back to help out where he can with the gypsies

Laban turns at the comment of "these overly cloaked people" He raises a hand and slides the hood from his head. Before you stands a Doweirarre "I wear the hood to protect my eyes from the sunlight!" He looks at the speaker with a hand covering the direct sunlight from hitting his eyes.

Wulfgar turns to face Kay "Please Kay Wulfgar is my name, if you must make a nickname for me not Wulfie as this is a na.." He spots the character lowering his hood he jumps up "What the...?" He seems lost for words for a moment. "You must be joking if you expect me to travel with him I would rather kill him where he stands!" He starts to draw his sword "His kind kill the Elves of the surface in cold-blooded massacres!" Wulfgar spits on the ground and pulls his sword free.

Keldar looks in terror at the now enraged Wulfgar, and screams out "NO". His hand slides into his cloak, recovering some spell components. THe little gnome launches his body between Wulfgar and the now exposed Laban. " 'es' done nothing but save thems people ya bone'ead "
With that Keldar unleashes a spell at Wulfgar.

Jahl turns towards the commotion and quickly spies keldar and his spellcasting. Jahl dives for cover.

Whisper raises his bow and takes out an arrow. "You'd better tell your friend to back off," he says to Kay.

"Alas sir Knight he speaks words of truth, although I do belong to that race I do not follow their rules or codes. I have learnt my skills in their schools and know how to fight. You need not protect me for I can handle myself and if I was to be killed in combat by a better man then I hold no grudges" He looks toward Wulfgar, "I mean you and your kind no harm Wulfgar and I hate my people for what they have done to some of the surface races. I myself have been hunted and will continue to be hunted I offer you my hand in peace." He extends his hand towards Wulfgar.

"Then how about Wolf, or Wulfies? I just don..". Believing there's unseen danger, Kay quickly re-notches a arrow and looks around, "Who killed the elves of the surface in a cold-blooded massacre? Is it the Spooky Cloaked Guy number two, the one with the light-sensitive eyes? And who said we'd be traveling with guys?" The confused archer continues to scan the surrounding area, looking for anyone (or thing) that resembles a cold-blooded killer of surface elves.

At this, Whisper lowers his bow, casting a meaningful glance at Kay's fast reaction and just giving the paladin a glance and a half smile/smirk.

Edo stood by the dark elf stoically, his eyes watching all. Laban was his only true companion here, the only one he had fought and bled beside. Things were getting out of hand and fast. This he definately did not like.....

Vincas watches the exchange with wide-eyed surprise. He begins to head toward Keldar, but when Gareth steps forward the young man simply falls into place behind him, his hand on his sword hilt.

"Please everyone, take a moment here. My apologies, my friends and I have been through alot lately, as you must have been as well. I for one am willing to consider you an ally in these dark times Laban."

If Wulfgar doesn't accept Laban's handshake, Vincas will.

Stopping short when Gareth barges Keldar out of the way for the sight of Keldar did nothing to stop him Wulfgar listens to Laban with interest however the look on his face does not bode well for acceptance of the proffered hand. Wulfgar thinks for a minute then gritting his teeth for a second you seem to think he is going to continue his attack. "Laban, perhaps you are innocent and I am not one to attack innocents, so I accept your hand and hold it as your word and bond. However, do not cross me for my friends will not save you next time if you do. I know your kind and perhaps it is a wise thing that these others here obviously do not." He lowers his sword and takes the hand offered by Laban. Wulfgar then turns on Keldar "If you had seen the slaughter brought about by Laban's kind, No disrespect to Laban if he really is different he will know what I mean. Then you would have done the same, did the sight of the caravan back at the road turn your stomach, then it probably equalled the carnage left behind by Laban's kind." With that Wulfgar walks straight past Keldar and Emperor, with a glance at Kay who still stood with her bow ready hew walked to sit alone with his horse.

Kay meets Wulfgar's glance, "I'm sorry, but were you talking about the guy over there?", She notions to Laban, "Looks like a plain ol' elf to me, slightly darker skin, but an elf!", she takes a quick look at the dark elf, "He's not some kind of shape-shifter, or a were-creature, is he? If not, please tell me what's the big deal." While waiting for an answer, she returns her bow and slowly massages the sides of her horse, poor thing.

Once the argument between Laban and Wulfgar starts you see Barbaxle stand up and reach for his scimitar. While still keeping it sheathed he is ready draw his weapon if this situation turns into a battle. After the two shook hands (or kissed and made it depends on how you look at it HEHEHE) and the weapons are put away he will take his hand off his trusty metal of destruction. When he hears the stories of massacre that went on Barbaxle says to the group "I know what you must feel, I haven't told any of you this before but I think this is a good time to tell this story. My father was a nature loving man and he was out in the forest tending to the trees, when he was attacked and killed by a group of giants. Such as this beast right here" Barbaxle walks over to the slain giant and gives it a small kick in the leg. "So, I know about that feeling in the pit of your stomach. I had that terrible sensation walking all the way from the road to here. I was in a very tense mood walking up this hill. I can understand why you acted the way you did Wulfgar, but you must try to control yourself. We don't want another Jarryd (I think that is who did it?)incident." He then walks over to Crystal and says "Do you play that guitar? If so I think now would be a good time to play a calming tune. The tension is a little too high right now."

Gareth, seeing Wulfgar's angry outburst resulting in the slaughter of the strangers, deliberately bumped Keldar before his unpredictable spellcasting could be completed, pointed at Wulfgar and yelled, "Emperor, guard Wulfgar!," trusting the great equine to interfere with Wulfgar's movement, then stepped directly in front of Whisper's threatening bow. The paladin's piercing green eyes, a moment ago friendly, hunted down and pinned Whisper's gaze. "BY PIKAHL AND ALL THAT IS HOLY, ***STOP***!," Gareth's booming voice roared across the clearing. "We did not both come here to save these folk only to kill each other! Keldar, are you mad? Spellcasting unstable and you dare it among all these innocents? For shame! Whisper, lower your bow! You miss and allow one of those so recently saved and healed to be struck down? Wulfgar.. Wulfgar! I have not heard anything of what you prate, and surely such word would have come to my ears in either my position as King Arion's guard or his personal advisor. Use your eyes as well, man! This group has been sent by King Arion, so obviously they must be trustworthy despite their mercenarial leanings. Moreover, they-number-elves-among-them; would those so easily side with genocidal killers whom would rescue captives despite attacking with dangerous odds? Think Wulfgar! Set aside your anger at Randos's doom. Callus is a diety of peace, is she not?" Throwing wide his arms, the paladin implored, "Everyone, we are allies here, not foes. One does not throw back evil and serve the people by attacking each other. In fair warning, I swear, by Pikahl, that I will strike down myself the first person who attacks. Needless bloodshed aids no one."

The knight droped his hands to his hips, but held a ready tension in his kness that spoke volumes of a fast reaction...

The bump jars Keldar, just as a number of small tarts are thrown at his hostile companion, and the feather he was waving is sent flying from his hands. The little gnome rolls out of the bump, and glares at the interviening companion. "Ya never interupt me magic like that! With it bein' so strange now, ya never know what'll happen if ya stop it in tha middle. And ta the problems, they're curses ta me, the caster, not no-one else as I've seen!! Better fer me ta suffer somthin' than have these men pig stuck BY THAT HOT HEADED-HOLY ONE THERE! Laban's as innocent as anyone, and deservin' o' 're respect an' care, just like anyone else!" The little gnome tries to look as large as he can, and glares at his hot-headed companions.

"Of course Laban deserves our respect, Keldar. Wulfgar was surprised by Laban's revelation and still recovering from Randos' emergence after his fell departure. He perceived another hidden danger, but over-reacted, and he understands such, I am certain. Your actions were also well-intentioned, however, they were no better, friend gnome. During our journeys, we have heard tell of fireballs from the sky and massive tornados resulting from the miscast magic; how likely are such abberations to not injure anyone else when we are as tightly packed as we are now?" Gareth poses more calmly to Keldar. "We must always be open to new information, friend Keldar; today I have learned more of the elven history, Wulfgar has accepted information contrary to his bias about darker-skinned elves, and you must accept how dangerous magic is at the present moment. Every person here who wields a sword understands - or should - the effect a bared weapon holds on any interaction, knows the danger within the blade. The lives of your companions may be jeopardized with each magick you cast - bear that in mind."

Turn 126