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Turn 83 Lord Reynold

You near the castle and think about making camp. Off in the distance, a small group of men approach. Wulfgar recognizes one of the men as a childhood friend. You learn that the son of the lord of the keep is missing, and the lord wants to enlist your aid in recovering him.
Your escort leads you through a large open portcullis, where you are instructed to dismount, and a 1/2 dozen stable boys appear to take care of your horses. (send any special instructions you give to me privately) A man comes forward, and clasps Wulfgar's forearm in a strenuous full arm handshake. "It's been so long my friend. I wish that it were under better circumstances that we meet again. We'll catch up later, but for now, my liege awaits us." He then escorts you into a richly furnished office where a large man is pacing the floor. He is tall, and strong looking, with a well worn sword at his hip. However his eyes are bloodshot, and sunken in dark circles, the kidnapping has obviously left him haggard. After motioning you to be seated, Reynold begins to speak. "Greetings and many thanks for answering my invitation. I am Reynold, lord of this border castle. As you know, my son Baldwin was recently kidnapped by the bandit Thoros. He is being held somewhere north of the border. I have decided to send the ransom across the border, but I need someone to take it there. I cannot send my own troops. I fear my hot-headed soldiers will risk my son's life by doing something foolish when they face the bandits. I need cool, experienced adventurers for the job. I offer you 500 gp to take the ransom to the designated spot and recover Baldwin. Your reward is payable upon my boy's safe return."

Declining the reward. Gareth asks "could you supply us with a horse for the boy to ride back, also how much of a ransom was it and a horse to carry it as well may be a good idea!"
"The amount of the ransom is irrelevant" Reynold replies, "I will supply a horse for Baldwin, as well as any of you who need one. A mule will carry the special chest I'm using for the ransom money. The chest is impenetrable. It belonged to my late wife's family, and is magically enchanted. it can only be opened by a member of her line. If Baldwin doesn't open it, it will not be opened. if they try to pick the lock, it will magically seal itself shut again. Clever don't you agree?" Reynold smiles, but it's sickly and pasty looking, and causes you to turn away.

Turn 84