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Turn 84 Morning Comes

You spend a quiet, comfortable evening with your various pursuits, enjoying a sumptuous meal and warm soft cozy beds after a nice hot private bath. Sleeping better than you have in weeks, you awake to breakfast delivered to your room by servants. After breaking your fast, you are summoned to the courtyard, where your mounts as well as a mule with a large chest on it's back stands waiting. Reynold reminds you about the chest's magical properties, and how it can only be opened by himself and his children including Baldwin. According to Reynold, you are to journey to a small village 10 miles to the north. There you will be contacted with further instructions. He then sends you on your way with a "May the God's be with you".

You travel towards the village, you talk about splitting up. As usual, you are unableto agree on a plan of action. You are arguing about whether or not to split up, you cover the short distance to the rendezvous site and see a small village up ahead. You figure this must be where you are intended to await your next instructions.

Gareth clicks Emperor to a walk into the village towards the center.
You find an inn, a smithy, a small adventurers shop, numerous beat up old shacks, and 3 or 4 dozen sullen residents.

Turn 86