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Turn 82 Off in the distance

The group returns the idol, and gets offered a reward for their efforts. Declining graciously, Gareth simply requests lodging for the evening which of course is granted.
The port mayor offers lodging as well as a feast in your honor and you accept. As the feast concludes the town abuzz with excitement, a vision awes adventurer and townfolk alike as a great tidal wave rises up, carrying upon it a male and female of obvious divine power.
The party is enlisted to continue their journey to the south on behalf of all the Gods, as the villagers all fall to thier knees in respect for their mighty God Krahs and his consort. Accepting the challenge, the group prepares to depart.
Gareth remains behind to collect his damaged armor offering to rejoin the party on the trail. The group heads out. Waiting for sometime outside of town, Barbaxle returns to collect Gareth, as the group is loathe to remain seperated again.
After several hours, Barbaxle and Gareth catch up, and the party continues south. You stop to rest several times, making camp at night to rest etc. The hunting seems pretty good, and everyone has gone to bed with a full belly. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, unless you count how quiet it seems to always be. No signs of anything. No monsters, no people, no much of anything. On your 6th day of travel, you finally see some signs of life. Way off in the distance, you see what looks to be a small castle.

Turn 83