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Turn 77 Getting Answers

The shaman listens to your explanations, and declines a share of the coin, having "no use for such things but thank you anyway" speaking some unitelligable words over the prisoner, the prisoner speaks back in commen, and you hear the following story. "4 of us had settled in the swamp, after being banished from our community. We needed isolation to plan our re-entrance into our home. But instead, we discovered humans on one side, and reptiles on the other. Of course, we knew they had to go. What better way than to start a war between them? We took the statue from the humans, and placed it here, hoping to make you kill each other out. Now, I am a traitor. Kill me. NOW!" Before you can stop him, he reaches for a small dagger he had hidden, and plunges it into his backside, stopping the effects of the spell of truth, and causing his life's blood to gush from the base of his spine, dampening the earth under his back. The shaman, and the lizardmen, make no move to stop this suicide.
The lizardmen accept your proof, and return the idol to you. You feast, and rest and prepare to return to Capri with your prize. The leader affers you a guide to make your return trip smoother and quicker and you gratefully accept.
Your guide takes you as far as the river, where you originally entered the swamp. You can see the town of port capri on the other side. No mishaps befall you, as you travel out. At the banks as you cross, Alista, Gaerik, Sammual, prepare to take their leave and head back to dragonmeyr with their report. At the last minute, Malissin asks to join them, and they agree. With the idol in your hands, and all the problems of the swamp well in hand, you head for Port Capri. Wulfgar hands seem to be trembling slightly. Must REALLY want that ale.

Turn 82