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Turn 68 The search

You go to the temple the shaman sends you to, accompanied by 4 lizardmen from the village, and have quite the problem. Several of your members are lost. (see Gareths history journals) You continue on to discover the lair of the shapeshifters.
You recover a 1/2 naked young elvin female, saving her from the same fate jahl faced. Being eaten. :) You capture 2 shapeshifters.
The party splits up, in an attempt to track down the shapeshifters. Arilyn (the young elvin girl) joins the group.
With Gaerik shouting, the party rejoins each other, leaving thier new companion behind (you had a week to say you DIDNT do this and no one did so...) With the party reunited, the return party realizes that the ruckus was caused because of the lizardman Gareth sent back unaccompanied. currently: the entire party is reunited. One creature still bound, but highly agitated. Arilyn is fully dressed and armed now, while she wasnt when you split up. The search party left behind the lizardman they met, and he does not appear to have followed.

Turn 72