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Turn 72 The Shapeshifter's lair

The party reunites as Gaerik points out tracks he has found. Following the tracks, you come upon a cave. You circle the area looking for a less obvious opening, but find none.
Entering the cavern, Jahl in the lead a spell up ahead is unleashed and a fireball comes barreling down the tunnel engulfing Jahl and seriously injuring him. Jahl gets healed and makes his way wearily back to the entrance as the rest of the group tie themselves together to avoid getting lost.

Jahl returns to the entrance, as the rest of you push forward, attempting to arrive before whatever the next spell being cast gets unleashed. As you tumble into the opening Jahl just recently exited, the darkness spell that had been cast ceases to function, allowing the torches you carry to illuminate the cavern where you stand. Liberally littered with bones, both humanoid and lizardmen, the cavern gleams in the torchlight with a sickening ghoulish white. Here and there the torchlight glints off some shiny object or other, but you dont have time to do more than notice before an icy blast hits you all in the chest region. Gareth cuts the rope at the exact moment of the spell's release so you are all free of each other. You realize that you are each and every one of you coated in some sticky, smelly strands of somthing rather like silk. As you note it looks a bit like a giant spider's web, you also note the rakasha retreating further back into the cave, quickly leaving your line of sight. Amid grunts and groans from your apparent captivity, Wulfgar realizes the torch he is carrying will melt the sticky mess away, and points it out to the rest of you. You free yourselves of the sticky mess, and track the shapeshifter to another cavern where after a short battle you vanquish him. You discover a small treasure of coins and items, which Cole promptly maps the route to, and you depart, returning to Jahl and the prisoner.

Turn 76