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Turn 66 The shaman agrees to help

You speak to the shaman and describe the problem and what you hope to accomplish. You tell him about the shapeshifters, and ask him if he knows of whom you speak.

After much confusion as Malissin translates your words into gibberish, the shaman seems to finally understand. Malissin repeats his words back to you. "I too want to settle this problem without bloodshed. I have powerful magic at my disposal that wont misfire from the magical disturbances that are all around us. For a magical donation, I will swallow this" He pulls from a pouch a small indistinct bead. "it will allow me to pinpoint down to a small area this shapeshifter you search for. Do you wish me to do this?"

You agree and search your possessions for magical items to pay the shaman with.

The shaman accepts Gareth's bow, and Barbaxles ring. Swallowing the bead, he goes into a deep trance. He describes (in perfect commen somehow) the area immediately surrounding the temple you found. Telling of a monster, who takes the form of a friend. Giving you exact directions to the temple, the voice informs you what you seek is just north of there. Look for the sign of the wolf. Then the shaman collapses from the strain. Barely concious.

Turn 67