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Turn 65 Finding the shaman at last

The group starts canvasing the village, coming upon the school where you find the lizardmen children being instructed in commen, and lizardman languages as well as defense and sword and spear play.
The teacher, upon questioning, replies in commen language. "yes humans, our shaman has just left us but a moment ago. He has stepped over for lunch (points towards building 3) and should still be there. Feel free to go on over and sup yourselves" He waits for any questions, and hearing none returns to his students.

What you hear him teaching, is rudimentary commen. Heading over to the supper hall, you walk quickly so as not to lose the shaman again.
This building is made of stone and wood, with a thatched roof. Large ferns grow on either side of the door, which is standing open. There are also 2 side doors and several windows. Upon entering the building, you note several large ornately carved cedar tables and benches. The tables are clearly old, and covered with small grooves made by lizardman claws. A quick survey and count of the opccupants shows you there are about 20 lizardmen present eating lunch. Most of them appear energetic and enthusiastic. (younger people? great food? who knows) One however, has slower movements. Taking his time to thoroughly chew each bite, the lizardman beckons you over with one clawed hand. Upon closer inspection, you realize that it is the shaman you search for. Minus the headress, but his ring and medallion apparent.

Turn 66