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Turn 59 Village of Fen

You are escorted through the village, past many buildings (map to follow) to the lizardman leader. Perhaps the most impressive piece of woodcraft in the village, is the totem. Rising 20 feet above the marshy ground, it has faces of lizardmen carved into the highly polished post and it's evident that parts of it are newer than others. There are 16 distinct lizardman faces carved into the pole. On top of the totem, rests the gold and platinum statue of a merman. Based on the description from Port Capri, you can only assume that this must be the statue of Krahs.
Continueing on your little jaunt, you come to the leaders home. A wooden porch circles this building. Vines and mosses cling to the walls, making it impossible to tell what the building is made out of. On the porch stands an older very wrinkled lizardman, accompanied by a younger one as well. The 'shaman' who lead the party bringing you here goes to stand upon the porch as well.

Malissin translates:
"We have been at this village for much generations. Bother no one all this time. Why men come to swamp and make trouble now?"

As Sammael sedately follows the rest of the group to the leaders home, he notices the totem with the statue on top of it. He cannot help but wonder why the lizardmen would worship a mer-god. When the leader asks his question, Sammael points to the totem and (probably stupidly) replies, "Do you worship that?"

"It was a gift from our god" the leader replies.

Caoimhin peers up at the statue of Krahs. "A gift from your god? Most remarkable. This village has been blessed indeed." He rubs his chin with his index finger, then continues. "Is it a semblance of your god? I ask only because it closely resembles the great and terrible Krahs, whose idol was stolen from nearby Capri; it is that idol that we seek. If you are also worshippers of Krahs, then our quest is yours as well. If not, and if this is the lost idol of Krahs, then I should think it wisest to get rid of the idol before the old god's anger grows and sea floods through swamp."

"Malissin, tell them that we mean them no harm." Barbaxle says and Malissin speaks rapidly in lizardman tongue.

Jahl will remain quiet and pay special attention to everything around him. He will listen carefully for anything that sounds out of place and watch for anything out of the ordinary.

The leader allows you free reign of the village asking you to peaceknot your weapons.

Turn 60