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Fleeing towards the light and away from the lizardmen village, you run for what seems like hours in the hot humid sun. Upon reaching what you believe to be your destination, you feel somewhat confused. Not only did the several hour run (or so it felt) take much less than an hour calculated by viewing the position of the sun, But the light seems to have lead you only to another part of the swamp. Murky smelly water, and reeds are all over and you see no sign of anything except bugs. Until suddenly the ground before you suddenly catches on fire. Looking up and ahead you see what appears to be a dragon, however it has eight heads attatched to its rather overlarge body. Each head is half the size of a grown mans entire body, the necks are each at least 8 feet long, the body is 3 times taller than the tallest man you know, and one foot is twice the size of your head. The flames the have erupted onto the countryside seems to have sprouted from this creatures jaw (or one of them) as it breathes another stream of fire towards you. This stream of flame is 5 feet wide, and you estimate close to twenty feet long. For seem to be out of range.

"So much for holy guidance Gareth, what are we being guided to our deaths, spread out, take out the head breathing fire first, use missiles to keep out of range!"

Wulfgar, quickly sheaths his sword and gets his bow ready all the while watching the Hydra and trying to keep out of range of any of the heads.

"This swamp just gets more and more interesting as the days go by," says Malissin as he draws his bow and spreads out from the main group.

Gareth calls out softly, "Ready missle weapons and spread out... I also need a volunteer, but I understand if no one wishes to... it quite likely will be mortal. I want to submerge in the water and swim right up underneath it an attack where the heads cannot reach... the belly. If the missle fire can keep it distracted, we should be to do significant damage from beneath. Cole, can you cast an illusion on the volunteer and I to make us look like the swampwater? If so, we need people to screen the casting from the hydra's eyes, then to spread out while we sneak in." The paladin coughs slightly, meeting everyone's eyes when he does so. "Wulfgar, I would ask if I do not survive that you take my journals and arms back to the king... he will know where to send them. Please ensure that the group that comes to take care of this idol problem reads my journals to understand the situation and the wisdom Pikahl granted... Take care of the party for me. It is a good day for service to Pikahl my friends.. let us go!" The knight checks his daggers and longswords, estimating how many swings he will be able to get off before being forced to switch to dagger, and how many stabs until suffocating should his plan fail.

Wulfgar glances to Gareth, and let's fly with an arrow at the fire breathing head. "May Pikahl protect you my friend and may Callus guide your arm" Wulfgar never stops moving as he speaks and notches another arrow

"I will volunteer to go with you Gareth, I hope the blessings of Azimuth are with you and I. I would like to cast a quick spell to see if I can find out if this creature is real. After that we can go for a swim. Everyone give me room just in case this spell fails and back-fires on me."

" Even if I could be sure the spell would work in the first place I've never cast an illusion on another person before, I'm not quite sure what may happen to the person." Cole begins searching through his pockets for nothing in particular then continues more nervous than before. " If this is the only way then I suppose I can try but I think I am only going to be able to cast it on one person and....I can't guarantee the duration of this spell so you'll have to hurry to the beast."
Cole says a short prayer for luck then proceeds .......

"Try casting it onto my armour if it requires a target, or on the area between the Hydra and us if the spell is of an area-affecting order. Your idea of a follow-up distracting spell would work perfectly... perhaps starting here with a barrage of arrows while you cast your illusion, next round imaginary missles start firing from far to the side or even behind... just missing. Or, the sound of more men from behind moving in.. combined with a visual appearance of a company of pikemen trying to quietly approach.. I leave it to your decision Cole.."

Cole and Barbaxle casts their respective spells and...

Turn 47