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Attacking the Hydra

Wulfgar and Malissin launch an arrow attack as Cole prepares to cast his spells on Gareth and Barbaxle. To everyone's extreme horror, everytime one of the head is hit twice by an arrow the head sort of collapses as if in death. But the terrorfying aftereffect causes the bowmen to take pause. Because within a minute of the head 'dying' two more heads explode from the stump perfectly alive. As Cole begins to cast a spell upon the 2 volunteers, the hydra has regenerated twice and now has 10 heads. (all 10 of which are able to reach down by it's feet, and at least 2 that look as tho they could reach behind it to defend) Cole tosses something (you are unable to see what in the heat of the moment) towrds Gareth and Barbaxle and they are suddenly cloaked in darkness. At the next instant party members AS WELL AS the hydra are momentarily distracted by a bright flash of light to the east followed by a loud ear piercing scream that seems to originate from behind you. Unable to help yourselves you all feel laughter rising up in your throats, for as you quickly realize the cause of the scream you turn about and behold Cole, standing below a small 1 foot x 1 foot cloud raining tulips and pansy's upon his body, but the funniest part is that as each multi colored flower touches his skin, that portion of his anatomy changes color to match the flower. As he attempts to dodge his posie raining nightmare it follows his every move.

"Hehe, Thanks for the help Cole. Gareth, let's get going we don't know how long this spell will last." Barbaxle states barely controlling his laughter "Archers, use your arrows to distract the beast, while we slide in from the side & rear." Gareth begins. "Once Barbaxle and I close to melee, we will ready fire/, At command "Readied," begin firing, concentrating on two heads per round; after you kill the head, Barbaxle or I will destroy the stump. If the attacks on us are too much, I may switch to parrying incoming attacks, in which case I will yell, "Halve," One pair of archers continues the head-killing, the other pair distracts. If all works well, the heads are dead in a matter of a half-dozen minutes - let's work on keeping us alive that long..." Retrieving oil/fire/acid , Gareth whispers, "May Pikahl guide your aim and watch over you... if anyone has something to say, do so quickly, for we leave right away."

Turn 48