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Turn 145

Kay slams the table with her sword and suddenly becomes visible again. Arilyn comes around as the group is deciding the next turn of events, Sheial and Aerial return, with Sheial carrying Gareth over her shoulder. Cole, hastens to Sheials side and refuses to budge as long as she carries Gareth, a man he has idolized this entire trip. Wulfgar finishes dressing Arilyn and stands just as she comes around and stands on her own, still invisible. Keldar gives a sword to Kay and a dagger to Shieal both weapons accepted from the little Gnome for lack of other options. The door the group just came through opens, and a huge fully armored human woman steps through the door. Her armor gleams, polished and well cared for, and emblazoned upon her chest is the unmistakable symbol of Callus. She carries a flail in her hand, and as she enters the room, her eyes immediately fall on Wulfgar as she speaks his name aloud.

Jahl glides back against the wall he was near and watches the newcomer carefully. "This place MUST be cursed, "Jahl mutters softly, more to himself than anyone else. "The priests are just crawling out of the stomework!" Jahl's hand slides beneath his cloak. "Friend of yours Wulfgar?"

Kay doesn't even bother raising her new sword to the cleric, it's just so pathetic, "Ofcourse, Woolfie's got friends everywhere! Even in dark and hidden evil temples, I'm sure there's a good chance she just happened to be here, and er.naff it!", feeling a few more throbs of pain from her brand new headache, she just sighs and greets the armored woman with an half-arsed hand-wave."Kay Wanderwit, formally of Yawn, How-Ya-Doing?"

"Aye," says a tall, lanky-haired man from the back of the room. "He's him," the man says gesturing with his chin towards another man dressed completely in black. "I am Jahl Silverlock, who might you be?" After she answers, Jahl then quirks an eyebrow and asks aloud, "A gold piece says the tan ends at the wrist." Jahl is a tall, lean man. His head is topped with lanky brown hair that goes well with his green eyes. Jahl is covered by a large, full length forest green cloak that he keeps wrapped around him most of the time. The cloak is held in place by a large, plain silver broach. Occasionally glimpses beneath the cloak shows Jahl wearing a full set of leathers and a short sword.

"If this is a typical day for you folks," Rathaniel mutters while still trying to wring the water from his cloak, "maybe I should just go back home."

Before you stands a tall, big woman. The second thing you notice is the large wooden shield with iron bands behind which her left arm totally disappears. On the shield you can see a white area with painted in it two crossed swords. She is totally clad in chain mail. Over the mail she wears a white tabart, if she would turn her back to you or remove the shield you would see that she wears the sign with the two swords embroided on both the sides of the piece of cloth too. On her head she wears a plain signless helmet, that prevents you from seeing what her hair looks like. In her right hand she carries a flail. Her feet disappear into leather boots that go all the way up to just below the knee. The only skin you can see is her right hand and her face. Both are a brown tone of someone who sees the sun very often. Her eyes are darkbrown.. you think.. but you can't see very well due to the shadow that the helmet makes on her face. Her face is not unpleasant to look at but nobody in his right mind would call her beautiful. She looks like someone who has worked hard and outdoors all her life. Her face and hands are rough and she has many wrinkles, but most of them are smiling wrinkles.. although you haven't been able to see the least bit of a smile on her face. She slowly walks a few steps inside of the room and looks at you all suspiciously.. "You ARE Wulfgar, right?".

"Yes I am Wulfgar!" Stepping forward to stand in front of the newcomer "Where did you hear of our company?" He looks closely at the newcomer watching for any signs of hesitation.

"The name is Rachel. I came to Landry from Heron and heard about your company and decided to try to help out... if you want of course." She loosens up a bit and looks a little better at everybody. Who is the poor fellow on your shoulder miss ... ?

Kay takes a good long look at the stranger, "How did you manage to find us here? For a evil secret lair that apparently can only be entered through a portal of some sorts, this place is pretty crowded.", she shrugs, and looks down at Gareth. "So, what are we going to do now? We can't just leave Gareth and A' lying around here, and we can't leave without taking care of those evil jackasses. We could at least find a way to leave this place and have one or two of us take Gareth to the temple, if they can't resurrect him right away, at least they can tend to his body so it doesn't, you know."

The tanned woman looks surprised as the little man spoke about his friend and flipped a dagger to her. "Thank ye ..." Grabbing it awkwardly, she could feel the dead body start to slip on her shoulders with the sudden movement, but then her lock picking friend (Cole) was right there to make certainGareth did not fall. Sheial looked to Cole with gratitude and was a little uneasy with the look of devotion he was giving the dead man on her back. Barbaxle was ready to leave this room and Sheial was inclined to agree with him.
Sheial eyes the invisible Kay uncertainly as she attacks the table; perhaps the magic affected her brain? The peg legged woman looks totally shocked as Kay pops back into view. To add to her surprise, a large, well armored woman comes in through the open secret door, about giving Sheial a heart attack. If she could sneak in so quickly without anyone able to give warning, what about the evil clerics?
The sea woman listens to the introductions gratefully ... now the only peoples' names she did not know were the soaking wet elf and the one who was so devoted to the dead Gareth.
Shieal glanced at Jahl with an odd look to her eyes, before having her attention dragged away by the armored woman..
Before Sheial can answer, Wulfgar steps forward and introduced himself. She didn't recognize the town that Rachel mentioned, nor did she know of any temple to Callus; whatever god that was. Heck, as far as she knew, she could be *in* a temple to Callus. Even Kay looked concerned with this newcomer, mentioning about how to take the two unmoving forms of Arilyn and Gareth out of this evil place.
To answer Rachel's question and maybe others, including Arilyn and Kay for certain, Sheial began hesitantly, "My name be Sheial Scharr and I ... I ... oh bloomin, bleedin barnacles! I canna do this." She starts to awkwardly place the body on the floor, having help from the ever present Cole. "I canna stay with ye any more, me conscience canna allow it." She looks the group over as one, her brown eyes full of regret and apology.
Sheial absently rubbed her shoulder, feeling like it had been crushed down permanently a foot, from the dead weight that had been on it. She continued on with her oratation, holding up a hand to halt anyone from speaking till she was done, "You dinna know something of grave importance. I be under a curse. Oh aye, it be a curse that befalls any who are with me. Pain, suffering and death follow in me footsteps. I canna stay with ye, for it has already caused the death of one of yer members." Her eyes are shot with pained resignation as she looked down at the still body of Gareth as she spoke that, "I was to be the original sacrifice, perhaps if I go to the priests, it would cause enough distraction for ye to leave without harrasment."
"I dinna plan to go out without a fight though." She pounds her stolen table leg into the floor. A quick glance to then upside-down, three legged table in the middle of the floor will confirm that the piece of wood she held in her hand was the missing table leg ... a pretty good club actually. Sheial then hands the dagger outwards to Keldar, "I dinna want to corrupt this fine blade with me curse, nor defile the memory of yer friend, please take it back."

Arilyn is slightly dazed by all the people and the commotion in the room. She touches her hair...her cheeks...her arms and her legs to make sure that she is all there. She runs her hand up to her neck and touches the velvet choker that has graced her neck for so long. Her fingers tremble slightly as she lifts it over her neck and it brushes slightly over her chin and nose. She looks at the choker and draws it to her lips...kissing it gently. As a tear falls down her cheek, she places the choker under her top and near her heart. She looks over to Gareth, unbelieving that his fate is sealed and that death has taken him forever. But in life, just how long is forever? She sighs, still shaken from her ordeal and steps quietly to the corner. She feels her back touch the wall and looks over to the tall woman who has entered. Her eyes are drawn to the crossed swords and the woman's presence reminds her of Gareth. As her heart begins to slow to its normal pace, she feels a slight pain at her side. She reaches into her pocket and draws out a flamed shaped dagger.

Stepping quickly forward Wulfgar places his hand on Sheial's shoulder he waits a second before speaking "You have no curse upon you Sheial, for I would have sensed it" He smiles at her "Besides you cannot leave until you return my clothes and I think you would freeze to death and make an easy target should you remove them just now! I as Gareth's friend and second shall lead the group for now and until we find someone to ressurect him and any who challenge this should step forward now or not at all." He looks at the group before continueing "We fear no curses and will die trying to help a friend in need. We all have curses of one sort or another to carry and the priests in this foul place have a lot to answer for and they shall do so or I will die trying to make them and I know I speak for a few others when I say this. So you as a friend will find us harder to shake off than a thirsty leech!" He pats her shoulder softly and turns back to the newcomer "You are welcome to join us on our quest but if you are not who you say you are you will pay and for disgracing that tabard it will be swift and just, however if you are whom you say then welcome to our little group." he looks back around at the group okay we need to move and quickly and quietly, Laban your skills have served us well here, may I call upon you again to scout for us? Lets go find these priests that killed our friend and companion." He turns and waits for Laban to lead the way, before bending down to pick up the body of Sir Gareth Arr.

"Woman, if anyone here is cursed, it would be me," says the soaked elf. "I think that you going after them alone would be a waste. I also don't think we has a group need to fear them too much. In our confrontation with them, it was they who ran."
"I agree with you Wulfgar. Hopefully my next spell won't misfire quite has violently against me has my last one did," Rathaniel says with a half grin.

Kind of Startled by the way this woman Rachel showed up right behind her. Aerials eyes wide watches as she asks for Wulfgar and every thing else around her.Then all of a sudden "If this is a typical day for you folks," Rathaniel mutters while still trying to wring the water from his cloak, "maybe I should just go back home." "Rathaniel lle lakwenien?Lye anta lle." Aerial responds." Tealy."
(Translation:"Rathanial are you joking? We need you"Aerial Responds" stay")

Without any sign of hesitation Rachel answers: "Like I said. I heard about this company in Heron in the temple of Callus. I heard you were on a mission to destroy some evil book and decided to go help. Little did I know I would end up in such a place" She looks around with a disapproving face.
"Whoa, hold it right there! Where are we going, where are we and what the.." She just in time bites her tongue before she uses a swear word.. "is going on here! If you don't trust the sign of your god why should I trust you! I'm more then willing to help out but I will not just stroll along without knowing what we are going to do!"

Upon noticing that Arilyn is up, the warrior smiles and waves, "About time you got up! I almost thought we'd have to go and slaughter those wankers without you, I mean besides what they did, tying us to the wall and all, those creeps took my bow! I broke an guy's nose for touching it just a few months ago, but these freaks took it!", she calms down and looks into the elves eyes, "You alright?" Kay takes a moment away from Arilyn and looks back at the finally mobile Wulfgar, "Wait just a second there Leader-Boy, I'd love to know how Rachel found us! Maybe she spotted another way to enter this trash-hole, and one with a proper exit to boot. We can send somebody out with Gareth, and get him out of the way, and have him at least prepared for the proper bit of resurrection. And besides, if those cultists come a'calling and you got Gareth in your arms, they'll probably get a few free shots at you before you set him down, er, am I making any sense here? And do you have a plan? I mean, if you're the big bad leader, I'm sure you have something beyond 'Lets go get 'em, I mean, I could of thought that up.

"Arwenamin uuma dela. Amin n'keluva. I'm just tired, that's all," Rathaniel responds while rubbing his forehead.
"Hey," Rath begins, overjoyed at the chance to be contrary about something, "sometimes it's just that simple. The Priestwoman says she came in through the paintings like I did. If anyone has any ideas, let us hear them."
"Oh, and yes," he says to Rachel, "those priests are all bad. They killed Gareth here, and left two others in a 'bad position.' Not to mention they were to sacrafice Sheial over there has they would've done to me if the rest of these folks were not here. I would be unarmed if not for Jahl's dagger and I am without spell components. To answer your other question: they fight unfair because they can. Like me."

Barbaxle just sits back and listens to everyone's comments. He does seem to be on edge, you did notice him flinch a little when the woman came through the door unexpectedly. "Wulfgar, if you want to be the so called leader. I do not have a problem with that, but you still have to recognize that even when Gareth was the leader that he said that this is a company lead by all. He never made us do anything that we didn't want to do. We all have an equal vote in what we do. I know that you hold those ideals close in your mind and heart, more now then ever with the sudden death of our dear friend." With that he turns to the rest of the group and says, "I don't think we should sit around here much longer, those priest could be coming back any minute or worse yet planning on what they can do to find us. I would really like to get moving pretty quickly. I think Wulfgar's plan is a good one, if Laban wants to take point and the rest of us will follow in 2 separate lines. There is safety in numbers and I think that whoever is going to carry Gareth should be in the middle. I will take up the rear, just in case we get attacked from behind. Please don't cast any spells, even if they are casting spells and it works. That is probably because this is there temple to there god, and if their magic is going to work it would have the best chance working here. Our magic will probably have a worse chance of working in this place, as we have already witnessed. We have been able to cast healing spells with success, so if you have to do that I think that will be ok. Does everyone concur and are you ready to go? I'm getting very nervous sitting here like bump on a log."

"It'd be no defilin', if ya use it in battle. Mensal's a little simple when it come ta that. If you want not ta use it, 'tis yer choice, but Bock'd no let sumone go ta battle without a good weapon."

"I came in the same way as you did." Rachel responds to Kay's question. "Through that blooming painting. That must be some strange kind of magic. So I don't think I could help you out there.. but I could carry Gareth for you.. he doesn't look all that heavy and with my shield we would at least be in less danger." Then with that said she continues: "Who are those priests guys anyway? I still don't know what's going on here.. I would very much interested in hearing your plan too, Wulfgar. But those priests can't be all wrong! Taking away a bow is always a good thing. Why people fight in such a unfair way I never will understand. It's dishonourable! At least I got me trusty shield to protect me from most bows and slings. And then I'll show those basta... ehmm... people who shot at me!"

Vincas nods a greeting to Rachel once the introductions have begun. "Well met, I'm Vincas Quinbal, late of the village of Durant. I hope you know what you've gotten yourself into." He pulls a red kerchief from his bag and ties it around his head to keep the hair from his eyes. He quickly tosses on a black silk shirt and stuffs his old clothes into his bag. He slings the bag over his shoulder, picks up his crossbow, and prepares to leave with the others. "You know, maybe we should just leave a plackard at every inn and shop we'd make it easier for everyone to find us. Sheesh, you'd think we'd hired our own crier with the way we've been recruiting lately. You folks sure have a warped sense of fun." He tries his best to give all of the newcomers a friendly smile before focusing back on the grim task at hand.

Laban nods his head at Wulfgars suggestion that he take point and lowers his scimitars to his side walks slowly to the door then checking before exiting that there is nothing nasty waiting outside he will exit and lead the group. Always checking for traps and stopping to listen every 20' or so and at every corner, he will use some simple hand signals to stop the group if the need arises.

Kay chuckles, "Shields, especially that puny little thing you have, might as well be a giant soap bubble when you're targeted by a skilled archer. And everyone knows it's the archers who win the battles, not the over-armored sword-swingers! I should know. As for the priests, I don't know who these guys are. We were minding our own business, drinking ale., and wine.", she gives Wulfgar a dirty look, "Well, everybody but A'. She's off upstairs and before you know it, we find out that our lil' elf managed to get sucked into the painting. We all check it out, and before you can say 'Eric Robinson' we're in this temple of gloom. A big worm attacks us on one side, and the cultists come at us from the other. During the battle, they decide to hit the road and take poor Arilyn with 'em, who I pursuit, only to lose them, and doing probably the third stupidest thing in my life, I try to swipe their big book 'o' evil, and before I know it, I'm chained to a wall and feeling rather drafty. So, how did you find us?"

Keldar smirks at Vincas' humour. "And I be Keldar, illusionist and... well... let's say scout. That magic bit that's 'appened'ds messed with me castin'. I'm here with Vincas, Sent here by the God Azmuth, if ya can believe that! Never bin that devout to them all me life, and suddenly they're givin' me sword an' sendin' me off ta help these folk."
The speaker is a little gnome, whereing dark grey clothing and cloak. A full backpack rests over his shoulders, and two empty short sword scabbards hand from him. A nimber of daggers around his waist. In one hand he holds a jeweled, very well kept short sword.

Once just watching the woman speaking the foreign language know gos to say. "Hold on now we don't need to fight one other." A scratchy by delicate voice from that beautiful dark haired Elvin woman at the door. "Please let us get moving out of here we are all getting pretty tired it is night you know where we came from. I am called Aerial Dracon Pristess of Quiom. If anything we need peace between one another in order to get out of here or to recover what ever we need to recover ok Kay I would hate for you to loss the stuff you made with your mother." Aerial begins to fidget a little then pulls out her symbol for Quiom closes her eyes for just a second. Her eyes look tired like she isn't used to trying to be alert all the time. Looking at this Elvin woman you she her delicate features are covered up with priest robes an adorned pouch around her waist. "Can we get moving doing something please"

"Puny shield!", Rachel shoutes while you can almost see the steam coming from her ears, "You call THIS a puny shield!". With that she put the shield upright on the ground besides you. It reaches to your chin. "If this is a puny shield i want to see a LARGE shield! And it is strong enough to withstand and shot from a bow!". She mutters on about 'puny shield'. "I'll proof it! Anybody with a bow.. shoot at the shield! We see how well it holds! And I will even duck behind it! Cause it's BIG enough to cover me entirely if I stoop down behind it! I dare ya!". With that she moves the shield away from Kay and looks around if anybody wants to take the challenge.

Kay snorts, "I've seen bigger, but really, you got the shield in front of you, but what's gonna stop the arrows from behind, or from your sides? As for a challenge, this really isn't the place, but maybe I'll take you up on your offer when we take care of those pesky cultists, and some sparring wouldn't hurt, as I'm not just an excellent archer.", she pats at an empty scabbard.

Sheial listens to his words, though she did not agree with his explanation that she did not have a curse, because he did not sense it. When he pulled his hand from her shoulder, Sheial had to bite her lip, the pain helping to remind her that grabbing his hand and replacing it on her shoulder would be unwise. But it had been so long since she'd been in constant human or close to human contact, she did not realize how lonely she really was.
Yes, but they killed a friend of yours and kidnapped two others ... Sheial wanted to say that, but she did not, figuring she might be better off if she kept her mouth shut. That wet elf looked unhappy enough as it was.
Sheial looked down at the dagger she held in an easy, yet professional grip, her voice low and quiet, "Thank ye, Keldar, I can use this well enough and it look to be a good weapon. I willna ashame yer friend's memory."
When Kay went over to Arilyn, Sheial seemed to notice the invisible woman for the first time, her clothes moving about as if the short female was no longer frozen by the strange magic. All this talk of magic being easily badied about as one would talk about the weather in general, was wierding Sheial out. What did she know about magic, other than the card games she saw or when Raoul pulled all those silver coins from behind her ear. What these people were talking about was in the range of miracles and they spoke so glibly about it.
Sheial nods eagerly, wanting nothing more than to get going. This room itself was enough to make you choke on your own phlegm. When Kay and the larger woman start trading words, Sheial looks more and more nervous, thinking it was about time she left the room and took her cursive presence with her. She followed Laban, the exotic looking elf, to where Aerial was standing beside the open door. He didn't go all the way through, but halfway listening intently, then peeking around the corner both ways. Sheial stood on the other side of Aerial and the opposite side by her at the opening of the door, both acting like guards of a sort. Sheial kept an active eye on Laban.
Sheial flinches and looks worriedly to the dark elf, hoping that the shouts weren't attracting anything or anyone else. Cripes, didn't anyone know how to speak quietly around here? At least Aerial was the voice of reason and Sheial looked gratefully over t the blackish-red haired elf as she mentioned moving out of this disquieting room. "Oh aye, it be time to be moving, if not for our sakes, but for your friend's." she points to Gareth, "I speak bluntly and apologise right now for any seeming disrespect, but ..." She takes a deep breath and continues in her continuelly low, soft voice, "The longer ye wait, the closer to rotting his body will get ... I dinna know if it matter anything to ye, but it will be attracting carrion eaters quickly enough." At sea all they had to do was throw the bodies overboard, but apparently on land, they saw the need to tote the dead all over the place till they could lay it in the earth.

Looking quilty Rachel continues in a softer voice "I'm sorry everyone.. I should not have shouted.. but when someone calls my shield PUNY..". She throws an angry look at Kay (or at least the clothes Kay is in), "it's just.. oh well.. forget it. I understand the situation well enough now to know your cause is worthy. And Sheial is right. We should get moving, I know I was the one holding everyone up, but I had to know for sure." She puts the shield back on her left arm and walks over to Wulfgar, "You want me to carry him? Or should I help out in the front of the group? I will trust my shield enough, although it's PUNY, to stop most arrows"

See how Rachel happened to arrive (OOC knowledge)
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