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Turn 138

You enter the dense cloud of black smoke and all your senses are immediately obscured. Sight, smell, and taste seem to have completely abandoned you as you are enveloped in the eerie blackness. Even infravision doesnt seem to aid you in your search for your enemies.
The religious among you cry out to thier Gods and you are made aware your sense of hearing is intact, but those that cry out are saturated with waves of evil washing over them, leading them to the source of the violent intent.
Soft yielding flesh stands before you, emanating waves of pure evil, weakening your resolve, but yet not holding you captive.
The unreligious among you feel nothing but can hear the dull thud of steel biting into flesh.

Gareth uses the evil emanations as an inverted guide, pushing towards the area of strongest malevolence. "For Pikahl" the paladin beseeches feverently as he attempts to carefully wrap his mighty arms around the target and pull him/her from the obscurement, while not burning the subject of his efforts.

Keldar bites his lip to steady himself, then puts the tip of his sword forward, such that it would end below the thigh of a human, but in position to feel a solid obsticle infront (like a wall) and ready to snap up to strike. He also reherses the words and motions to cast burning hands, just incase.
He then continues forward, looking for the end of the cloud.

The flamesword has no effect on the blackness whatsoever. When Gareth grapples with the the body, he feels a dagger slip into his side, deeply, twisting as it is pulled out. he can feel his blood pooling freely at his feet. He grabs for a better hold on the body, ignoring the searing pain in his side, and pulls it backwards with him, out of the smoke.

Gareth suddenly stumbles out of the smoke, grappling with one of the evil priests. Gareth has dropped his flame sword somewhere within the smoke apparently. The priest gleefully holds onto a flame shaped dagger, dripping with blood. Gareth's blood it would seem, as he slowly sinks to his knees, pale, dragging the still sneering priest with him, blood drips freely from a small hole in his side.

Aerial screams out "Gareeeth!" and runs towards the grappling figures readiying her staff as she goes.

Sheial turns suddenly, having heard the yell, then seeing the bodies tumble out of the smoke. She swore under her breath and reached for the table leg she had so foolishly set down just a minute beforehand. Her eyes widened as she recognized the symbol on the priests black robes. With Aerial's exclamation and her burst of action, Sheial then knew who the other person was ... part of the missing group.

Even with the knowledge that she was not as swift footed as the others, Sheial was determined not to let another be sacrificed and she moved forward to the two interlocked figures, her three foot chain making loud scraping/clanking noises as she moved.

The paladin's eyes remain tightly locked, as if he were concentrating upon some medium other than light to provide his awareness. Ignoring the obviously devastating wound in his side, Gareth wraps his mighty arms more securely around the priest and tightens, squeezing with an iron tenacity. The covering of the knight's armour conceals much of the muscle-play exerted by the warrior of Pikahl, but his silent chanting of his lord's name thrums with a near-palpable aura of strength in play.

Wulfgar jumps forward as Gareth comes out of the smoke not drawing a weapon as this would slow him down Wulfgar runs towards the two fighting as Gareth chants his lords name Wulfgar moves in to attack the priest with a low blow from behind. Hoping to distract the priest long enough to subdue him But is unable to get an opening, for fear of hitting Gareth instead.

Aerial tries to stop running to keep from hitting Gareth seeing that he has put the priest in a bear hug but stumbles over her own feet and falls face first towards the ground. As you watch her she Tries to catch herself by putting her hands in front of her. You hear a thud as you see her knees and then hands hit the floor skidding to a stop.Turning over on to her back she sits up.Puts her hands on the floor to push her self up and then tries to stand but the pain is to great looking at her hands she sees her own blood oozing from the small cuts on her hands. Moving her legs under her she suddenly realizes that she hears chanting coming from Gareth and looks over to she him squeeze the priest even more.

Turn 139