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Turn 139

Each of you search within the blackness for your opponents. Suddenly a bright light appears before you, but before you can even react, you are in intense agony. A fireball erupts within the blackness, engulfing all within in it's greedy hungry flame. The magical smoke suddenly vanishes as quickly as it originally appeared. The party members are scattered throughout the hall, each having contributed in some small or major way. Kay and Arilyn are missing from the scene. It seems to have been a particularly messy battle. Blood is sprayed everywhere, much of it your own,pooling in the middle of the slanted floor and covering most of you, matting hair and clouding vision. Eyes stinging from the mix of blood and sweat you view the room through a haze of pain. Gazing at the mangled bodies, you note these were definately not 'clean' kills. Severed limbs lay strung across the floor, fingers still twitching, and 2 pirests have been decapitated, eyes glazed over, seeming to stare up at you accusingly. Counting the dead you realize you dont see the head priest among the bodies. In the onslaught of fire and steel he must have escaped. Gareth is on the floor grappling with the one remaining live priest. Unscathed by the fireball, Wulfgar, Aerial, Shieal and Barbaxle are moving to aid him, but are unable as he grips the priest in a bearhug unwilling to let go. All are unable to aid the Knight for fear of harming him. He squeezes with his gauntleted arms, trying to squeeze the life out of the priest who's face is rapidly turning purple, unable to catch his breathe. Gareth's blood is dripping from a small wound in his side adding to the pool from the rest of you. Wulfgar, Aerial and Barbaxle check the wounded and find no mortal wounds although all from within the smoke are badly burned. You know you're going to have to rest for awhile to your chagrin. No one is fit enough to attempt pursuit except the healers and Shieal. The death toll rises as the priest in Gareths arms gives a shudder before 2 small streams of blood drip from his nostrils, spattering Gareths face as he rapdily loses consciousness himself.

"Ok, who cast the spell that caused all the smoke?" Barbaxle waits to hear someone speak up. "What spell was it? I think I should cast a healing spell on Gareth, but I don't know if it is going to back fire on me. We can't use the potions on him because he is unconscious, and he won't be able to swallow it. Does anyone know where the head priest might've taken Kay and Arilyn? I'm sure that you couldn't see much in the smoke, but at least a direction would be helpful." While waiting to hear the responses of the group, you can see that Barbaxle starts to look around at his surroundings. He didn't have time to notice where he was because of all the action that has been going on. If you were to take a good look at him, you can notice that he is starting to breath a little faster and something about him seems to change a little bit. The long standing members of the group know what is happening, but if you are a newcomer you would almost think that he is getting scared of something. "So, do we have any suggestions for anyone?"

Wulfgar steps to the figure of Gareth and kneels beside him "Ah my friend always the valiant hero even to, well almost to the cost of your own life !" He places his hands either side of the wound on Gareths side and chants a small prayer to Callus to help him heal the wounded man lying before him. When finished Wulfgar pulls out the waterskin he filled from the well back a few days and tries to feed some of the liquid into Gareths mouth. "Come my friend it is time for you to rest and for the rest of us to do our bit to help.!" He looks around at all the others who are bruised and singed. "Get all the wounded together and away from the pool gather them beside the spot where we came through the portal."

Keldar checks himslef to see if his supplies in his pack survived, going for the waterskin of the healing water from the town before, and taking a large gulp. He then checks the integrety of his spell books and other posessions, bemoaning the potential loss of his precious magics.
In the middle of the searching, the gnome panics, "Who threw that ball'o fire!?! Anyone know what spell or object did it?" The gnome cradles his precious spell books into his chest, his other arm grabbing his magical sword and holding it defensively before him.

At this, Rath looks up. "Whoever it was," he said almost snarling with anger, "will be dead soon enough!" He then searches through his pockets, hoping that he might have carelessly slipped some of his medicinal herbs into one before he was separated with his belongs. All the while he mutters to himself something about not being in a warm bath has he should be.

Looking pitiful sitting on the floor she finally stands up deciding that the scraches on her hands and knees will heal at there own time since they are so tiny.
"I would like to help with the healing." she says to barbaxle.

Turn 140