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Turn 137

Vincas still lies motionless, and Keldar looks close to tears thinking he's lost his last friend, until barbaxle points out he looks to be merely held, and thus paralyzed. Suggesting that Keldar remain with Vincas, the little gnome declines, intent on vengeance on the priests who did this to his best friend. Aerial appears with a naked human female in tow, who introduces herself as Sheial. Rath tosses her a wet robe to cover herself with, and Wulfgar throws down a duffle informing her there are clothes inside. Jahl doesnt waste time determining who the woman is, but instead enters the smoke and vanishes along with Gareth and Cole.
Aerial and Barbaxle drag Vincas with them, and head over to guard the teleport entry point which is difficult to determine since there doesnt seem to be any sign of the portal on this end. Keldar, tired of waiting, runs into the smoke drawing a brand new sword as he vanishes into the obscuring smoke. Rath, Sheial, and Laban decide whether they will enter the smoke or not.

Wulfgar walks to the prone figure and kneels beside Vincas "We have yet to become close friends Vincas but I will stay with you!" He looks at the others "I am unsure of which members are missing from our group and who went in to the smoke voluntarily so I suggest that Laban you take the others there and go in and sort theings out. I know you have good vision in the dark will it work in smoke? Try and find the others safely I know your sense of hearing will beat any of the others in this situation." He places a hand on Vincas and speaks soothingly to him "Things will be alright soon my friend.

"Oh Vincas I hope there is a way to get you out of this spell"Aerial says" I will try to find a way to get you out here. There has to be a way out."

Looking around the room she desides to take a closer look at the picture thinking that might be the way out she goes to it As if searching for something on the wall.

Speaking in Elven Aerial says almost to her self but the echos carry her words" The picture on the wall we came through a picture why couldn't there be a portal in this one"

She begins her search.

Keldar moves to the wall on his right and uses it to guide him through the smoke. If the wall ends in the smoke, the gnome will continue to move straight forward. If he notices he approaches the end of the smoke, he will attempt to move silently and hide in the shadows (assuming this is tiorchlit, with shadows to hide in), and try to sneak around behind the combat (if any).

Sheial stopped as the little strange looking woman pulled at her, warning her not to go back into the smoke. The peg legged fighter moved off into the corner instead, staying away from the smoke and watching incredulously as people dove into the smoke. They obviously did not wish to ask her what lay behind it, perhaps they were tough enough not to care.

Looking curiously on as the wet elf offers her his soaked cloak, Sheial reaches for it, but missed and it made a soggy thud as it hit the ground, "Hmmm, I dinna think it would keep me very warm." She grinned slightly to the waterlogged elf and that grin widened when he mentioned a hot bath ... at least he had his priorities straight.

She jumps as a pack lands at her feet and a man ... or was he an elf ... demands to know what was going on. She glances somewhat suspiciously at the stranger, seeing him clad from head to toe in black; the ones that brought her here for sacrifice were fond of black also. She glanced down at the black cloth covering her leg with that last thought. She clenched her fist tight around her makeshift club as he pulls out his sword, but relaxed as it seemed he would not be attacking her. Anyone looking at her long enough would realize that there were bumps in the black cloth wrapped tightly around her right leg, that couldn't possibly be made from her leg.

She crouched, somewhat awkwardly and opened up the backpack, replying in her low, quiet voice "I dinna know what is happening nor what is in the pool." She shuddered at the thoughts that question brought up, her skin showing goosebumps raising all over her body. "I was in a tavern having a wee drop of ale, the stinkin' swabs drygulched me and next I be knowing, I woke up chained to a table in a frighteningly black room. Was enough to swallow your eyes, it was."

Sheial pulled a rough looking shirt from the pack and quickly placed it on, covering some of her nakedness. She continued, "I dinna stay there. Escaped, found the book that would not burn, left the evil thing behind me and made my way through the smoke, running into Aerial here." She glanced at the pants that were within the pack then down at herself, then asked in her low voice, "Anyone here who is good with locks?"

WUlfgar stands from his position beside his prone friend and walks slowly towards the now not so naked newcomer he slides his sword back into it's sheath "May I ask what happened to your leg?" He seems a little awkward have to ask but needs must to Wulfgar as his expression tells he is a little anxious it may have been caused by someone as a punishment or some form of ritual to an evil God. "Does it cause you any pain? I might be of assistance to you if it does!" He continues to approach her not even looking at any of her body still revealed.

Laban nods at Wulfgars suggestion and with a grace yet unseen by the group his swords appear in his hands and he drifts into the smoke rather than runs. He moves quietly and steadily into the smoke listening for sounds and using his infravision to see if he can find anyone in the smoke. Unsure what to expect he moves with caution and stealth.

Sheial looks down at her half leg, her eyes softening with the memories it brought about, "Aye, it was bitten off ... " Her voice trails off when she figures out that's not what he means, an embarassed blush coming to her tanned cheeks.

She looks uncertainly at Wulfgar as he came closer, weighing his somewhat odd appearance (wearing all black with kinda pointy ears and some elvin features) with Aerial's apparent trust of the man. He looked elf and at the same time, he did not. Was this 'elf' business like a disease, where the longer you were around one, the more you would look like one or were they an actual race? Well, she knew people with a fish tail instead of legs, so why not a strange race, no, make that *two* strange races that she had never heard of? Besides, he was asking if he could help her and he had placed away his sword.

"Nay good sir, it is but an illusion." She unties the knot at the top of her thigh first, then unwraps the tablecloth from her leg and a thick three foot length of chain falls to the stone floor with a loud clanking noise. "I kept it close to me leg, so I would not create racket whenever I walked." The chain is connected to the manacle around her ankle. "The only pain I be in is from where they conked me on me noggin." Her hand goes to the back of her head and she winces as she touches the tender spot, starting the pounding of her head once again.

"Thank ye for yer concern." Her voice, as always, is low and quiet.

Wulfgar looks at the manacle and shakes his head, he walks to Sheial and bends down to look at the clamp. He looks for any signs of a weakness in the clamp and tries to pry it off (As you do!!) Standing once again he looks at her and walks around behind her to inspect her wounded head. "Please relax! I may be able to fix this wound!" He smiles a reasuring smile and nods at her. "I am a 1/2 Elf in case you wondered the result of a human and elf bonding!" He places a hand gently on her head to inspect the wound.

The lanky woman placed her taper and club to the side as Wulfgar reached for her manacle. Sheial attempted to help Wulfgar pry off the manacle, but she's shaking her head as she does so, "I dinna think it will work. Very good workmanship." she speaks in her low quiet voice.

When he stands, she does also with the help of her make-shift cane, keeping an eye on the black clothed male so close to her. She turns, albeit a little more slowly than he, as he attempts to walk behind her, not sure if she's comfortable having him in her blind spot.

Finally giving into a compromise where he is at her side, in her peripheral vision, Sheial blinked rapidly as she felt his fingers moving through her hair, "Ah, well ... do ye have a name or shall I just call ye stranger-in-black? And how be ye here?" She flinched a little as he found her tender spot, but she found herself relaxing under his tender ministrations.

Letting his hands slowly move the hair from the wounded area of Sheials scalp Wulfgar examines the wound to see if it needs healing "I am Wulfgar, and we all came through a painting which was some sort of portal!" He smiles at her waryness of him.

Barbaxle, Aerial, Sheial, Wulfgar and Vincas remain outside the smoke. Wulfgar prays and closes the wound on the back of Shieals head, which allows the throbbing to subside quite a bit. Vincas is still immobile but showing signs of coming around when you notice his eyes suddenly blink.

Touching the wall with the picture Aerial looks as if in awe of its horror and happiness intertwined.Turning around away from the picture she hears Sherial say something about a book that doesn't burn and about manacles. Gliding over to the crank where she first saw Arilyn she giggles.Then goes about examining the crank and the floor around the crank. Then Looks over her shoulder to see that Wulfar is helping Sheial with her manacle. Then goes back to search some more.

"We shouldn't be sitting around here and inspecting stuff yet. Our other comrades might need out help. I suggest that we find out what they are doing right now. Aerial, you come with me. Wulfgar and Sheial, you should follow through the smoke where the rest of them went."

" I just thought we should find a way to escape just in case, but you're right They might need our help" she says following Barbaxle. Getting ready for suprizes Aerial takes out her staff.

Sheial looked down in exasperation at the manacle which refused to be removed from around her ankle as Wulfgar started to talk softly, the language sounding fluid and melodic. Suddenly, her headache was gone and the throbbing subsided. The lanky blonde looked impressed and smiled suddenly, laugh-lines blooming around her mouth and eyes, "Thank ye, friend Wulfgar."

At the other half elf's suggestion, the laugh-lines dissapeared to be replaced with a troubled look. With Aerial's mention of trying to find a way to escape, Sheial nodded solemnly in agreement, "Aye, good thinking Aerial. If there be an entrance this way, there must needs be an exit."

"As much as I agree to helping the others, we dinna know where they went. There be far more than the two rooms I have seen, I'm certain. As we stumble about in the darkness, we could completely miss each other, ending up in a more dire situation as the group is now split in four instead of just three. The ones that left know where we are now and know how to find us. If for some reason they must leave and leave quickly, it be best if they were not burdened with our dissapearance as well as yer friends Arilyn and .. Kay, was it?" Sheial looks about for a nod or a negative shake of the head, before she continues in her low, quiet voice.

"As well, what if we leave and some nasty beasties come through the same painting that brought ye here? There only be the two of you with the prone fellow. As much as it concerns ye about the plight of yer friends, we'd be best off staying where they are familiar with, do ye not think?"

"I disagree with you Barbaxle, my friend we should stay here and wait this out." He looks around at the others and does not move to enter the smoke. "If anyone comes out looking for us then we are here where they left us and not wandering about lost in the smoke and maybe getting the others into more danger than they need. Laban will find them if anyone can, I believe he will have very good ears and be able to use this to his advantage in the poor visibility conditions" He Wulfgar moves slightly away from Sheial "Your head will be better in a few more hours all the pain will be gone.

Turn 138