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Turn 136

The entire group, minus Keldar, Vincas, and Rathaniel head for the smoke after Arilyn, Aerial, and Kay. Keldar remains behind aiding Vincas, and Rath hangs out for a minute trying to regain his bearings.
From out of the edge of the smoke, Aerial reappears. And behind her stands a crazed looking human female. She is completely naked from head to feet, well, foot that is, since her left leg is missing from the knee down, and in it's place is a wooden peg.
Around the ankle of her good leg is an iron manacle, and the entire leg is wrapped in a black tablecloth and tied tightly hiding her leg from thigh to ankle. In her hand she holds what appears to be a table leg, and in her other hand she carries a heavy black candle.

"LOok who I fond" Aerial Spits out. "I would introduce her but I don't know her name or I didn't grab it"
"Kay was with me but she went after the other soundsss" Letting go of the woman she apologizes,

"I am sorry I haven't have anything for you to wear"

Looking at the woman and trying to stand in front of her. " Would someone loan a coat?" As the woman looks at Aerial she sees something different about her, her petite figure and her, her ears. Looking closer she see that she is an Elf A legendary Elf.
" We need to help Kay I wish I would no have caused this smoke" her voice starting to crack as if she wasn't used to speaking the language. and her eyes looking down in shame." I should have listened to the rumors of spells not working correctly I didn't belive it!"

Keldar forces his eyes downwards, attempting to allow the naked woman her modisty. He diverts he eyes away, and attmepts to answer, but just sputters and stammers.

Sheial blinked rapidly as they exited the smoke, trying to adjust her vision to actual light. As she saw Aerial move in front of her, the lanky woman was about to warn the priestess to stay in safety behind her when she saw the amount of people in the room. Sheial was speechless for the moment and more than a little relieved when Aerial indicated that she knew the people.

Her skin looked to be a dark tan on her face, neck and arms, the rest of her was at least 4 shades paler. Her dirty blonde hair was sun streaked, her eyebrows and eyelashes were of the same color and ... well ... she was definitely a natural blonde. She had very defined muscles and she was not bulky, but supple looking. Her hair stuck out at all angles, she had 3 golden loops hanging from her left ear and the wooden peg was attached to her left leg through a series of straps and padding.

As the petite woman moved in front of her to block her from the mens' view, Sheial looked down at her travelling companion, seeing her for the first time. Sheial stared at the priestess, her confused eyes travelling over Aerial's pointed ears and her delicately beautiful, if alien looking, features. Sheial spoke in a low, curiousity laden voice, "What manner of creature be ye?"

The tanned fighter looked a little exasperated at that. She'd only told Aerial twice what name to call her by ... but, perhaps she knew that it wasn't her birth name. Sheial had no idea who or what she was dealing with here, nor the powers at their disposal.

"Me birth named be Sheial Scharr..."

Sheial shrugged at that, feeling more at ease with Aerial as she showed the modesty evident in most women. She stood unabashed in her own nakedness, having been working in close quarters with men for far too long to have any illusions of modesty. More confident of the female who stood in front of her, Sheial's hazelnut colored eyes flickered to the men coming towards her and those just watching while Aerial said her piece.

Her eyes widened as Sheial saw more of Aerial's strange race as well as one who looked to be the size of a child, but was obviously not. His bashful nature was shown in his stutters and total inability to look at her directly. A smile played at the edges of her lips, to be wiped away completely at what she had unconsciously or perhaps deliberately overlooked. A look of horror filled her eyes as she looked towards the pool, her face paling and she stepped backwards once more towards the smoke.

" Why Sheial I am an Elf sorry if I starterd you?" Aerial replied. " And If I may say to all the men here she needs something to cover she, um, hesef, sorry heeerself with." Stuttering over her words and becoming more hoarse. Although the sound of the foreigh word sang to you melodisly.

Then realizing that sheial was frightened turns to catch her from going back into the smoke.

"No wait This is where I appeared we are trying to find our way back" Trying to keep Sherial from going back into the smoke." And we really don't know what is in that smoke."

"Err... um... I'd offer me robe, but i'd sure not cover... the.... um..... you know. I'm thinkin' Vincas 'ere has sum clothin' in his bag, but I'm not sure where."
The little being turns his head towards the two women, but keeps his eyes to the ground to avoid seeing the naked woman. You notice that his skin colour is darker than the humans in the region, and his nose is much larger than any you have ever seen. He wears a dark grey cloak over himself, and wears a short sword on his hip and over his back. The glint of daggers from his belt reflect in the light. "Aerial, what's goin' on on the other side'o the smoke? Battle still on? COuld you keep an eye on Vinc 'ere so that I can (The little gnome smiles evilly) give that spell caster a message from Vinc."

After looking at Vincas, Barbaxle realized what is wrong with him. "It looks like he is paralyzed. Keldar you should stay with Vincas, just in case someone or something comes out of that pool. Don't go casting any spells, did you hear that this smoke was caused by a spell. We don't need anymore backfires than we already have. Aerial, you come with me everyone else follow Gareth. We don't have to introduce ourselves yet. It sounds like some priests have a couple members of our group. Aerial and I will go back to the entrance and make sure that they aren't headed that way. No time to talk, let's go!!!"

Keldars face looks quite grave at the suggestion of being left out of this battle.
"Maybe some other skills o' mine'll halp 'ere. I'v a magic blade not tested, and...certain abilities... that may neutralize the one who spell-bound VInc."

The gnome stands, determined not to miss out on avengeing Vincas.

"If you want," Rathaniel (another one of those weird elf-creatures) says while taking off his robe and generally looking totally unaffected being confronted with a nude human female with a fake leg, "wear this, but it's soaked."
Almost as punctuation to his statement, the robe made a very soggy thud has it hit the ground. His water-logged tunic clung to his body and he still appeared to be shivering slightly.
"If we're done here, lets find the rest of you people and get out of here so I can get back to my room where a nice hot bath is still waiting for me."

Wulfgar drops his pack from his shoulder and throws it to land next to the newcomer. "There is a cloak in the pack plus some spare clothing if you would be so kind as to dress before some of my friends here get to embarrassed! Now quickly tell me what is happening here? Who is attacking who? What lies in that pool?" he gestures to the pool before quickly untying the rope around his waist and drawing his sword.

Turn 137
Sheial's time before meeting the party