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Turn 133

As Rathaniel warns you of his pursuit, you turn towards the direction he came running from trying to see into th blackness. Kay however does not turn, but instead begins interrogating the newcomer. From out of the darkness beyond the pool you hear what sounds like several people marching. As you ready your weapons for the possiblity of combat, you are startled by Vincas' cry of surprise. Glancing in his direction, you realize a large 15 foot tall, slimy looking blac speckled purplish colored worm with snapping jaws has risen from the pool. It's many rows of teeth are dripping with some sort of slimy looing substance, that sizzles when it drips upon the water and the floor. It turns itself towards Vincas, and quickly glides the length of the pool to him, rising to it's full heigth mere inches from him. Vincas is apparently frozen in his spot barely a foot from the waters edge. Meanwhile, someone, (you arent sure who) shouts a warning but Vincas doesnt move, his face frozen in an expression of horror. From out of the darkness beyond the pool appear 9 human males. Shrouded in pitch black (unhooded) cloaks, they wear silver medallions around their necks displaying symbols of some unknown diety. Each of these men carry a flame shaped dagger, and sneers on their faces. The male in the lead, carries a blade larger than the rest, larger than a dagger but smaller than a short sword. Their eyes dart to and fro, seeing one among you. Alighting upon Arilyn, the leader speaks "Come to me". Before any of you can react, Arilyn is rising through the air, motionless as a statue, floating towards the cloaked man.
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" Arilyn!!" Aerial shouts."Why are you doing this priests?"
Then at the head priest Aerial raises her hands to cast a hold spell.

Since he is closest to the priests, Rathaniel decides that they currently pose the biggest threat to him. Mentally going of what spells he has, he realizes that it won't do him any good to cast one that affects just one of them. Having few choices, he decides to put his best in first.

"PIKAHL! BY PIKAHL!" erupts into the quiet of the chambre as Gareth surges into motion. Responding to the greatest immediate danger, the paladin courageously intercedes between Vincas and the acidic great worm. A well-placed hip check sends Vincas off to the side and allows a two-handed swing of the knight's longsword to flash valiently towards the creature threatening the party.

Kay quickly sheathes her sword, unhooks her bow, and pulls out an arrow from her quiver, taking aim (And moving away from Rath, if he's in the way) at the better dressed of priests (HP), she starts to speak, but realizes these guys mean business, and without any hesitation, lets a few arrows head his way.
Rath will most likely have his spell out before Kay can get to her bow, so if his spell works and all of the priests hit the road, she'll make sure Arilyn is alright, and then help Gareth finish off the dreaded pool snake.

Cole steps back a few steps and shouts a single word then he draws his sword and hopefully is able to follow Gareth into battle if the need arises.

Jahl pulls two dirks from within his cloak and skillfully flings one after the other at the head priest.

Gareth leaps to defend Vincas against the purple jaws, sending Vincas sprawling to the floor,still immobile and stiff as though rigor mortis has already set in. His face still set in that horrified expression, tears of frustration well in his eyes and roll down his cheeks, the only sign that he is in fact still living. Gareth's sword swings, glancing off the unbelievably tough hide of the monster and jarring Gareths sword arm yet again. Meanwhile, Rath casts a spell that somehow sends 2 of the priests running away but having no apparent affect of the remaining 7 men. Aerial casts a spell of her own, but nothing can be seen as the area surrounding the priests is engulfed with thick black smoke. Kays arrows fly towards where the Head Priest was standing, but with the smoke bubbling and rolling in, you cant tell if she scored a hit or not. Jahl pulls out his daggers, but is unable to throw them, his intended target completely obscured, while Cole cries a single word, familiar to some of you from your time with the hydra, in the direction of the worm. Gareths sword explodes with flames, and Coles face recoils in surprise before he grins nonchalantly and nods knowingly towards the group.

"Oh no! Got to find her" Aerial Runs into the smoke to get to Arilyn.

'Where did all this smoke come from?' Rath thinks to himself. 'I guess they're trying to escape with that woman and the worm is a diversion. Well, first thing's first.' Rathaniel faces the worm and begins to cast another spell.

Kay looks at the smoke, and then back at the others fighting the worm, "Just drag him away! That worm can't go to far!", she replaces her bow, draws her black blade and charges into the area where the priests were (To save her lil' buddy), "Get back here, you be-robed clad jackasses!"

Turn 134