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Turn 129

Arilyn is still upstairs, Wulfgar left the inn for who knows where, and Kay is dripping from the wine dumped on her head. The rest of you order your dinner, and eye the old drunkard seated at the bar. As your food arrives, the door opens, and in enters a dark haired priestess of a faith you dont recognize at first from her holy symbol dangling from her neck. It looks vaguely familiar, and you suddenly realize it's the symbol the Goddess in your dreams wore. That of Quiom. The young looking priestess is cloaked, and features shadowed. She enters the room and stares noticebly at Cole, and Barbaxle for several moments as though in shock.

Seating herself at a table away from the party, the priestess speaks to the barkeep. "Nathann some wine please." she asks aloud, before her voice drops and she whispers to him. As she sits, she pulls her hood father down around her head causing you to be unable to see her face, as she waits for her order.

Gareth looked up from discussion with the innkeeper at the new arrival. "Thank you for your assistance, good 'keeper," the knight accompanied with a silver piece. "Be welcome, priestess of Quiom. I do not know if all within our company are at peace [Gareth glances at the stairs, the door, and Kay dripping with alcohal], but the fare is good here and the fire warm. Please, do join us. I am Sir Gareth Arr, a follower of Pikahl and knight to King Arion of Dragonmeyr. Most timely is your visit; we have just responded to a vision sent by Quiom, and are on return to Dragonmeyr city. Would you share your tale?" Gareth listens attentively for a few moments and excuses himself to go upstairs. A moment later, he returns and nods an "I have business within the town; I will return within a couple hours." The paladin leaves with a thoughtful look upon his face.

Upon spotting Aerial, Vincas gasps and shakes Keldar's shoulder. "Look Keldar...she wears the symbol of that beautiful goddess. I've been thinking of her ever since that night....I've got to find out more about her. 'Scuse me a moment."
Vincas grabs his ale and walks slowly over beside Aerial. He cautiously sits beside her and says "Hi, I'm Vincas. I couldn't help noticing the symbol you wear. I've recently been, well, taken with the Goddess and I would love to learn more about her and her teachings. Could you perhaps speak a bit with me about her, and yourself...after you've had a chance to take refreshment of course."
He smiles warmly and stands, not wanting to crowd her but not leaving unless asked.

"In love with a goddess... Vincas, you set them goal high in the datin' game. While yer there bein' friendly, ask 'er why she be lookin' at those two that way. All these dieties messin' 'bout with us is gettin' a bit unnervin' ta me. I guess that she's bin dreamin' wierd stuff likes us."
With Vincas turning to the new arrival, Keldar turns his head and takes in Barbaxl's welcome. "Why sure, I'd be lettin' ya buy me a drink. Mead's what I'm havin' now. I'da remembered me share uv coins, but all that magic back at that church bein' handed out sure distract'd me. Me part'o'the gold went ta whatever charity the godsmen among us gave it ta."
With a wink, Keldar move in closer to the druid. "'tween you an me, I don't remember mucha that town. Just seem'd in a daze, then snapped clear again when Vincas force'd me that healin' water. Best part is, got me a wineskin uv the stuff still... and a spell that may make more'nmore uv it. Less uv course the castin' turn me inta a toad or somethin' in the process. I just have ta save a drop or two uv in fer the castin'"
The smug little gnome sits back, smiling to himself, with his complexion slightly reddened from the first mead he pounded back. He then loudly says, "Now this be like 'er. A tavern an' in. Drink, and good smellin' food!." The gnome then says more quietly, "And Vincas 'bout ta entertain us by flirtin' with a priestess". The gnome turns to watch Vincas approach the newcomer.

Taking a sip of my wine I answer"Sir Gareth Arr and Vincas Pleased to meet you I am Aerial Dracon. I would be glad to join you. My Goddess teaches of the peace everlasting or just of keeping peace yes your company would be delightful it is not every day I see others of my kind" Folding back my hood just enough for Vincas.
"You say that the Goddess has sent you would you tell me about it?"Taking another sip of my wine

"Ahhh, peace....I could use some peace in my life. What a great thing to work for." Vincas smiles back.
"Now I'm not sure how I'd describe my first discovery of your faith. It just fascinates me....the more I see and hear about the Goddess the more I see the beauty in her and her ways. I don't think I can say that I was sent by her exactly" slightly nervous glance around "but these are strange times and the gods work in mysterious ways. These are violent times but my companions and I are working for peace the best we can."
"May I sit? Or would you care to join my friends and myself for dinner?" he says, indicating the table that Keldar and Barbaxel are at. "I'd love to speak further with you if you would."

"I would like to join you if thee think it's okay with the others." Standing up With the glass of wine"I will walk over with you." "Nathan, would thee bring me something light to eat I will be joining these fine people for Dinner." "Now Vincas she not only loves peace but also nature and I can't get enough of nature now tell me why thee have grown so fond of her.What gift did she bestow upon thee?" Getting to the table "Where would you like me to sit?"

"No gift other than a warning and some encouragement." Vincas replies, pulling out a chair for Aerial. "Keldar, Aerial. Since she's alone I gave her the offer of our company, and since she doesn't know us that well she accepted." he laughs and sits beside her.
"Quiom warned us of dark times ahead and of a terrible force that plagues the land. I'm just following along, Gareth can tell you all the fancy legal responsibilites we have. I'm travelling for the sake of it, and helping out where I can."

Waiting on Vincas she Smiles and almost comes to a giggle from the kind gesture. She goes on to say"Umm I miss being out in the opens of the wilderness Far from cities and many times people depending on who is company."To Vincas She looks to be far away as if remebering some thing from her past and then as quickly as she goes she comes back." I love going out to pick the herbs that heal and it has been a very long time since I had the oppitunity. My Friend Kendra D'Shane and I used to go do that together sometimes making a outing of it where it would take days before we would come back. Making those the best times I ever had I miss her and worry about her" Starting to look sad from the rememberance of the friend.

Kay slowly, and for the most part, quietly eats her meal. When the priestess enters, she only momentarily looks up before going back to her meal again. The warrior manages to overhear Vincas' conversation with the stranger and flashes an all-to-familiar grin, "Geez, that's got to be the worst pick up line I've ever heard!", she silently quips to anyone who's still sitting near her.

Gareth, beginning to move towards the stairs, instead paused and reversed direction to step just behind and to the side of the priestess awaiting a seat. "Lady Aerial, may I request your presence outside for a moment. I have information of a personal nature," the paladin quietly mentioned.

Turn 130