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Turn 130

Everyone eats their supper, and drinks their drinks. The priestess sits with Vincas, discussing Quiom, and mentions her friend Kendra, catching Gareths attention. He asks her to accompany him outside, and just as he does, the young maid who went upstairs earlier comes flying down the stairs screaming hysterically. Nathan, the bartender runs to her. "What is it Franny me girl?" he asks with obvious concern for her well being. "That woman daddy" the pubescent girl replies "That woman with the pointy ears looked at the painting and vanished, right in the middle of the room!" Shaken, the girl collapses to her knees, as her father kneels beside her trying to comfort her.

Keldar spins around at this revelation. "Looked at a paintin' an vanished?? What paintin'?" The gnome then carefully makes sure he finishes the rest of his mead, winks at those looking at him in disgust, then says "Potion of courage!". He then heads over towards the shaken girl and the barkeep, waiting for one of the more diplomatic party members to start asking the girl questions.

"Ah Geez, we really need to put a leash on that girl!", Kay quickly gets up from her chair, pays the barkeep and heads towards the stairs, sword in hand. Slightly annoyed at the slow response of some of the guys, she frowns at the particular one in mind (Keldar!) and looks down at the others, "Come on! No use in standing around and blinking at each other, lets find this picture and see what happened!", If the others continue to wait around, the warrior sighs and slowly makes her way up the stairs, expecting practically anything to pop out. Going up the stairs, she does manage to think for a whole entire second to ask the girl, "Hey! Where is that painting anyways?!"

Keldar returns the glare. "And what we gunna do? Storm up there, look at the paintin' an' vanish too? Lotta good that'll do! Lets see if we can figure out what's happnin' 'ere before we end up like Arilyn!"
Keldar moves over to the girl and trys to ask in a nice calm voice, "What do you mean she dissappeared? We need ta know what happened to our friend. Tell us all you saw and heard."

Vincas stands and moves toward the steps, hand on the hilt of his sword. "He's right Kay, let's hear the girl out.". He then moves to the base of the steps and shouts "Arilyn...are you up there?

Just when she was about to replie to Gareth Aerial Jumps up out of her chair nearly knocking him over at the sound of her friend Franny Sceaming. "What is the matter?" Starting to run up the stairs to where she came from. " Franny show me where?" exclaming" I need a drape of some type" She starts taking off her cloak as she does you she her features her long reddish black hair in its braid dangling down her back moving up her neck to her face you see her ears. She is an Elf. "Come on Franny so me where?"

"Ah Naff-Off, Gnomeboy! I'm not rushing off yet, I wanna at least find out where this painting is at, could be a portal of some kind .", she grins and rubs her chin with her free hand, "Could be a portal to a paradise of some kind, or to the bottom of hell itself. Now who wouldn't want to check out those places, eh?"

When Barbaxle hears the screaming and the commotion, he picks his head up from his plate of fruit. You can see a bead of sweat start to drip down his face. "Oh, no will life ever get back to normal. I think Wulfgar is still outside. I will go get him and meet everyone up in the room." Barbaxle leaps out of chair and moves very quickly towards the door. "Gareth, I don't think that everyone should go up into the room. Make sure that a couple of them stay outside, at least until I get back with Wulfgar." Once the door is open all you see is a flash of his cloak as he runs out the door.

Faced with all the questions, the young girl faints dead away in her fathers arms. Nathan manages to catch his breath, and through his fear for his daughters well being answers on her behalf. "It is the first room. The first room on the right"

Keldar sighs, then smirks at Kay, "After you...". He dramatically gestures for her to start up the stairs. He then makes sure that he gathers his backpack and all other gear, before heading up the stairs.

Kay makes a return gesture, not as dramatic, nor as nice, "Well, don't just stand there woolgathering, come on!", She waits for a whole second to make sure the others are coming, "And go ahead! Bring your new little friend along, this could get interesting.", she grins and takes off for the room.

Quiet until now Cole looks up from where he sits and watches as everyone questions the girl. He gets up and follows whoever up to the room but does not enter.

"Nathan thanks, Don't what this to happen to someone else until we figure this? Anyone else coming?" Running the rest of the way up the stairs to the bed room She looks around the room for the painting so that she may drape it so no one else would vanish.

Turn 131