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Turn 126

The giant killed by Crystal is discovered to have been felled by a small dart lodged in it's throat. Barbaxle kicks the dead beast, and the dart pokes its point out the side of the neck (allowing for a bloody but nevertheless intact retrieval Crystal). Laban exits the cave, and shocks the elves present by presenting himself as a Doweirarre and results in Wulfgar, still angry over the visit to the temple going into a rage and launching an attack at the unsuspecting dark elf. Keldar, in an attempt to save the Doweirarre begins the spell casting process, which sends Gareth into a tailspin as he charges the little gnome bumping him and purposefully distracting the spell, and sending his horse to succesfully block Wulfgar from a hasty attack. Keldar, squeaking with frustration warns Gareth about future attempts to halt a spell midcast warning about the dangers of wild castings and magic gone awry, while Gareth reminds Keldar that ALL magic goes awry these days miscast or not. The gypsies began gathering themselves together, and prepare to return to their fallen comrades to bury the dead. Caoihmin decides he will ride with the gypsies, and take leave of the party for now, to aid his fellow kinsmen in their struggle to return to normalcy. Looking about, you realize that Reggie isnt present, and you note that the last time he was noticed was back at the gypsy massacre. Crystal and Cole discuss dancing, and everything settles as Laban asks to not be judged by the color of his skin, and most group members concur.

Gareth clasped arms with Cao. "We shall miss your presence, my friend. Your fire warmed us all, but I see your calling has been overtaken; Pikahl ward you in your travels until we meet again. Please take these monies to aid the folk in re-establishing themselves." A bag of coins passed from the knight unto the gypsy. Hearing mutters of concern about Reggie as farewells were announced, Gareth vaulted aggressively into the saddle of his great chestnut mare. "Wulfgar, Vincas, Kay - with me. Others assist in the burial or secure the area." Hyah'ing with effect, the blue, gold, and steel warrior of faith galloped on flashing hooves for the incident scene, lest harm befall his hungry little companion.

Whisper frowns at the horses and says to the nearest person, "Someday, someone will have to explain to me the slavery of these fine beasts."

Cole walks to Wulfgar after he has calmed a bit " I cannot tell you what to feel, but I hated everyone in this party when we started, Humans... Elves it didn't matter. My father was the Kings chief guard, the equivalent of Gareth, until he fell in love with my mother, an elven peasant. When the King found out he was stripped of his title and land because of his love, but even my mothers family wouldn't accept them, they were banished from both people's and had to live in the forrest, until they were killed by these monsterlike creatures, no one around to help them no one around to save them. Because of people who hated other races my parents were exiled and died for their trouble. And with that memory, along with being raised by human hating gnomes, I grew to hate everyone, I only came on this journey to find what happened to those monsters. I think I've made a few friends and that's why I can't sit by and watch you two fight. I don't like his people or what they have done anymore than you do but I can't hate him for it." Cole walks off to talk to Crystal some more and act's normal again.

Vincas smiles at the newcomers and mounts his horse to follow Gareth.
"Seems we've lost one along the way...not unusual for Reggie. I look forward to sharing stories with you all 'round a table in a roadhouse someday...or at least a skin of wine around the campfire."
He smiles the best he can considering the carnage and rides off to look for a stray gnome.

Looking up when Cole walks over Wulfgar listens to him as he speaks but says nothing even going as far as to glance towards Laban when Cole talks of his families demise at the hands of the Giants. He looks at his friends and stays put with a small growl when Gareth shouts at him to come. When Cole walks away he sits quietly by himself deep in his thoughts for a few minutes before he stands and goes to his horse reaching deep into his saddlebag he pulls forth a handful of food and proceeds to feed his horse and rub him down.

Laban walks to Edo "Well my friend it seems that I have stirred up quite a little commotion here!" He looks at the rest of the group as some mount horses and ride away up the hill others are tending to the gypsies and seeing if any of the wagons are fixable.

"Are you going to answer my question Wolfie, ol' boy? What's the big deal about Laban? Well, besides his name..", Kay continues to rub down her horse, "You talk about his kind slaughtering somebody, but isn't he an elf? I don't expect a history lesson, just tell me what I should know about his 'kind', I mean, it's not like you're busy or anything."

"Too much for me my friend. Come, we do not need the likes of these. Quick to act, slow to think. Nay, my path lies in a different direction. Yours is for you to decide. Whatever you chose, I shall always call you friend."

"Cole, if you are finished flirting, perhaps you could describe for us a good direction to travel that would help complete your maps. As much fun as it has been, the smell of the giant is beginning to get to me. I for one do not wish to smell it once it begins to rot either, and not to mention all of the friendly scavengers that will come along and feed too..." Jahl goes back to helping the gypsies repair their wagon.

Keldar looks about, torn by the decisions facing him. On one side are the the group he's known for a short time, off on their quest that a god had sent him here to help them complete. On the other, an unusual group, with a few members of the mysterious elven race. A chance to gain knowledge.
"Vincas! you go off anscout fer Reggie. I doubt we'll find'em though. Prolly found sum fishin' hole and decided to try it out. I'm gunna stay 'ere and try an' fix these carts fer the Gypsies. Cum back an' get me when yer done hunting Reggie!"
Keldar move towards the wagon, seeing what help he can give to getting the gypsies back on the road.

At Jahl's jibe Cole digs out his map and studies it for a moment, " South or east from here, two town's that we know of to the east and who knows what to the south." Cole watches as Vincas go off looking for Reggie "I think we should all go to look for Reggie."

Wulfgar look up at Kay, "I do not want to talk about it, but as you insist, his kind think it a good way to blood their warriors, they open a gateway to the surface world and sneak up on a group of Elves who are dancing n the woods or doing something that Elves do be it tending to the needs of the forest or whatever. They then attack mercilessly and brutally killing and butchering all Elves there. I have seen the aftermath of one of these attacks and it is not for the weak hearted." His eyes go sad and he lowers his head memories flooding back into his mind "Thus I find it hard to understand why the others trust him so quickly, I will go along with his plea to be judged differently but he has a black mark against him which he must prove to me he does not deserve."

Arilyn walks up behind Wulfgar and places her hand on his shoulder. "Wasn't life easier as a child? I remember all the fun I had deep in the forest. I had no fears and had no concept of time. I lived in peace and our families were joined with nature in a wonderous bond." She rubs his neck, trying to ease the tension that has tightened his muscles. "I never wanted to grow up...and now that I am, I have dreams of being a child again. I get angry at myself for wishing for things that are not possible." She strokes his hair and moves her fingers to massage his temples. "Seeing such brutal and horrid death makes me wish more and more that I could just disappear back into my childhood." She continues to rub and stroke. "But, time should not be wasted on such foolish thoughts. Wulfgar, I don't want what happened to those poor people to happen to me. I am good with the sword and the bow but I know I can be better. Can you help train me with the sword...and perhaps Kay can help me with the bow?"

Wulfgar relaxes somewhat at Arilyn's gentle ministrations a sigh escapes his lips as he goes back to a time long ago when another female he knew used to do exactly what Arilyn is doing now. He smiles then seems to snap back to the present, "Arilyn!! You tease me with your actions then brush me away when I respond." He steps back from her and away from her gentle hands. "If you want my help to train you I will as I have already offered this to you." He smiles at her looking at her beautiful face and gentle eyes, his heart almost misses a beat in the confusion of his thoughts as he looks at her. What a fine figure of a woman she really is.

Arilyn looks at Wulfgar's eyes. His eyes are filled with such warmth, intelligence and knowledge. She feels her pulse quicken and her cheeks flush with a glowing warmth. She puts her hands gently to her breasts, looking at him with shocked surprise. "Me...tease? I never realized that I was even capable of that." She smiles...a warm and gentle smile that has smitten so many men. She moves a curl of hair from her eyes and slowly moistens her lips with her tongue. "Could such an innocent elf hold power over a man? I hardly think so." She draws her sword and stands in a defensive posture. She moves around Wulfgar, her sword raised high. Her movements are sleek and silent. Like a leopard stalking her victims she moves, each step flowing in such graceful movements. It is almost like a dance. A dance as light as a spring breeze and as fresh as the morning dew. Her eyes sparkle as she moves around him, each wave of her sword showing the smooth contours of her body. If she had impure intents she would be a temptress...perhaps unknowingly she is a seductress. Is she playing or is she sincere? Does she even know that herself. She giggles as she twirls, slashing at an imaginary dragon. She has slain a red dragon and she curtsies before the beast. Her smile radiates a glow that would make the gods want her...perhaps a goddess...or even an angel. She stops and raises the handle of her sword to her lips. "Unsheathe your weapon, Sir."

Wulfgar shakes his head and slides his sword out of it's sheath, he slowly turns to face Arilyn, the point of his sword lowers to touch the ground "Arilyn I meant we could do this when we camped down for rest somewhere!" He looks at her slowly she walks around him he changes his focus to envelop her whole body readying himself to react to the first sign of movement be it in her footwork or her shoulders. "Whenever you are ready!" He smiles to himself and slowly changes the balance within himself to be able to step aside or backwards depending on her movement. "you see again you tease by your dancing around me like that you show me the shape of your body and you must know any man would be distracted by that sight!" He gently lays the trap of trying to make her come at him.

Arilyn grins as she sees Wulfgar unsheath his sword. "Should not a warrior be ready to fight at any time? Not just when it becomes convenient?" She lowers the tip of her sword to the ground. "And should a warrior not use everything they have to their advantage?" She waits for his response, moving her sword once more into a salute. Her other hand reaches up and her long delicate fingers begin to unbutton her tunic. Each pull of her string is slow and deliberate. Is she being a seductress or is she trying to draw his mind away from the move that she may be planning? She slips her tunic off one shoulder and then off the other, dropping it to the ground. She moves to the right, her left leg crossing in front of her right leg. Her knees are bent, her toes moving over the ground like at a cat's paws. Her balance is flawless, her movement like a gentle breeze. She unties the top string of her top, her neck shining with the glow of her wetness. She unties the second string of her blouse, revealing the soft curves of the tops of her breasts. She moves her wrists and her sword circles before you...a slight ripple gently moves in waves over her softness. She looks at your eyes...waiting for a sign of distraction. She stops. "Are you distracted, Wulfgar?" she smiles. "Perhaps it is I that can teach you." She swings at him, her sword whistling as it cuts through the air. She steps quickly to the left, raising her sword to block.

Wulfgar dodges the swipe from Arilyn with ease and smiles then slowly moves to his right and circles her himself. "Well now, student moves Master moves!" he grins and jerks his shoulder feigning a move to her right but stops and moves to her left again stopping and stepping back keeping her on edge as to his avenue of attack. He watches her show with outward interest even licks his lips when she unties the top of her blouse he smiles even broader and then nods his head. "Well I would be lying if I said I was not enjoying the show however you leave yourself open to attack by keeping both your hands busy like that!" He lunges forward swinging his sword to the right and his free hand to the left to help keep his balance and if she parries his sword to flick it forward and untie the next fastener of her blouse.

Wulfgar smiles as Arilyn suddenly tries to cover herself up, "You seem to be somewhat at an inconvenience friend Arilyn. I show you now to never use womanly charms against me at least in a fight." He slowly steps in close to block her from the sight of the others blushing slightly as he averts his eyes from the sight of her chest. "I am sorry Arilyn! I only meant to open the next fastener!" He wraps his arm around her and pulls her to him not tightly allowing her to fasten her blouse up without anyone else staring at her.

All of Arilyn's carefully thought out moves of offense and defense, vanished with one swipe of Wulfgar's sword. The swing so crisp, she barely noticed that she was now showing far more than she ever intended. Before she can move to cover herself a wash of red blush rises from her neck and up to her cheeks. She barely hears his apology...and with the accuracy he has, she somewhat doubts his sincerity. However, Arilyn is amused at his attempt to block her 'charms' from the others. Wulgar's gallantry sends a gentle shiver over her body. Wrapped carefully in his arms, she covers herself...

Turn 126b